The Police Welfare Association (PWA) is planning an emergency meeting for Monday, following the posting of a viral video on social media in which a ‘known criminal’ with a firearm issues a threat while standing a short distance behind two ‘unsuspecting’ police officers in uniform, reliable sources have said.

According to the sources, who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity, the man, who speaks during the brief recording that was posted,  has in the past had brushes with the law.

The video is believed to have been recorded at Vanard on Sunday evening about 7.00 pm, according to information obtained by St Lucia Times.

In the clip, two men are seen standing a short distance away behind the two police officers in uniform.

One of the officers is a female.

One of the two civilian men turns to a third man, part of whose body is seen in the recording and says some words that are not clearly heard.

At this point, the third man says: “You see they deh drinking deh rum. You see dem? I ready for dem too eh!”

While the third man is speaking, a firearm that appears to be strapped to his right side comes into view.

He pulls out the firearm and the person making the recording pans away from the weapon.

The recording ends with what sources said was the sound of a round being chambered in the weapon.

The sources asserted that the matter was very serious as the firearm was pulled while two unsuspecting uniformed officers had stopped to get something to eat and had their backs to the third man.

One source told St Lucia Times that although the video does not show the third individual, he is so well known to law enforcement that his voice gave him away.

A source familiar with weapons told St Lucia Times that the firearm in the possession of the third man was likely a 9 mm Glock pistol.


  1. This guy is an idiot provoking death. They always believe they bad bad bad until they are confronted by bad himself. On the other hand it just shows what the Police has to deal with while our teething politicians lay asleep at the wheel.

  2. when the police wants to kill people they’re trying everything to get to that person.How can you recognized someone by just their voices only?

  3. Yall police talking too much! What yall issuing statement for? So now the man know yall onto him. What yall should have done is to plan yall thing, get the ****** red handed and then take him out if needs be. Choooooops

  4. I dont care who disagree with me but this police restore confident thing was one of the best thing that happened in our country… these fools need to learn who BADER THAN BAD… now if a police officer kill them they family will come say MY BOY WASNT LOOKING FOR TROUBLE ….. TEACH THÈM FOOLS A LESSON….

  5. To all the officers who put their lives on the line for us the public every day, I say “God bless everyone of you!”

    To all the bad boys that have nothing good on the mind, and are just out for trouble and mayhem, I say “God please make speedy your demise!”

  6. Lucia terrorist yes u idiot voice recognition is a form of identification. It’s people like u who make me sick…alwwys for the criminals but when something happens to y’all the police r the ones y’all run to

  7. that Lucian terrorist himself is an idiot ….. a jackass….voice is not a form of recognition?….you need parental supervision

  8. I Am not in any way a police officer and will never be ; You see this is provoking our officers, and this i can’t stand it, this is also disrespectful to the law itself; you don’t have to agree with me, after all, that’s my personal opinion. Hence the reason why i supported the then task force, and i will still support it, if it come back into being. Because a criminal is a fool and Lucia can’t afford to breed such. Now they feel so at ease, they are making a mockery of our officers. BRING BACK ORC!

  9. And that’s what happens when you ignore a problem long enough. Don’t you think they would get bolder and bolder. Next is the politicians.

    • asd, I strongly agree with you. This is the result when you let a problem continue without addressing it. Instead of addressing the problem, they would make moronic statements like, “don’t politicize crime.” “Layba was doing it too” and the rest of the usual crap.

  10. Where is Mary Francis. Y doesn’t she come out and condem this. If the police kill one she coming and beat her mouth fast without even knowing the facts. Because of people like her these things happening. Officers be brave and defend yourself. Where is the minister. What is his views on this. The police have no voice. Only when they do something bad u hear them coming out and talking crap. Something has to be done about this. I want to see that thug behind bars or even better dead.

  11. Wow my fears, wow. Stay safe guys, stay on top of things. Stay alert. Or authorities need to invest in continual training for our officers. I so hope these guys are taken off the streets

  12. In a way I’m happy for all of this getting out ou hand
    Because when the police was taking out the bad pigs y’all Lucians give the police nuff pressure. So what y’all get hold it in y’all . Y’all will learn
    Now y’all scared

  13. Understand one thing. ANYONE, and I do mean ANYONE, who makes such a threat against the Law Enforcement Agents of this State of Saint Lucia IS considered an Enemy of the State , and will be dealt with accordingly, regardless of what foreign supportive governments may think.

    These guys have challenged the authority of the State of Saint Lucia to uphold the Laws of Saint Lucia, and ANYONE knowingly aiding and abetting, whether by making a video or encouraging such threats in any shape or form is guilty of this crime, whether the threat is carried out or not.

    So ALL those involved with the production of that video, will be found out and brought to justice…

    No American government is going to save you from what is headed your way.

    And for the ignorant comments…Voice Recognition and Voice Signatures are pretty old forms of identification used as investigative techniques.

    And be minded that I am not a policeman but a citizen of the State of Saint Lucia who wants what is best for my country; and to the police who perform their duties diligently I say, “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE IN THE FACE OF DANGER.”

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