Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Lawyers Advise Hilaire That Warrant To Detain His Vehicle Was ‘Defective’

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Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, says he was advised that a Customs warrant to detain his vehicle on Thursday night was defective.

“Be that as it may, I am resolute and being the law abiding person that I am, notwithstanding that I was advised by my lawyers that the warrant was defective, (no surprise there) I fully cooporated with the Customs officials who came to my home,” he wrote on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Customs officials seized the Land Rover from Hilaire’s Rodney Bay residence, in a continuing controversy over its importation by the former Saint Lucia High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

Hilaire said the Customs Officers came to his home despite the fact that they have already filed a case in Court to be heard in January.

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“I suppose they already knew the outcome would, like all the other legal avenues they have tried to explore, not be in their favour. Therefore, they resorted to further distorting the rules,” he asserted.

Hilaire revealed regarding the seizure of the vehicle that he experienced varied emotions at various points.

“I started off feeling angry, resentful and then sad. Sad that in a country where we speak of the rule of law, where we say people have rights, that a Prime Minister will direct and weaponize public servants and agencies for his own private and political vendetta. Afterwards he will then come to the public singing Kumbaya, begging for forgiveness and preaching togetherness,” the MP explained.

“The Prime Minister has been exhibiting a tyrannical disposition and despotic attitude, uncannily the same to what is being reported of President Trump,” Hilaire asserted.

“There are so many important things to be addressed in Saint Lucia at the moment, but the Government’s focus is to try to bury me, but they must first dig the hole and remove the debris within,” he stated.

“I will overcome, we will overcome. Good always triumphs over evil despots. I will remain focused on planning and taking care of the needs of my constituents of Castries South and the people of Saint Lucia, as they need me, us, more than ever,” Hilaire asserted.

Headline photo courtesy SLP’s Facebook page

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