Tuesday, January 28, 2020

LBTI Conference Births New Caribbean Trans Group

Press Release:-During the 5th Annual Caribbean Women and Sexual Diversity Conference,held during the first week of October 2017, on Saint Lucia, trans-men and women from across the region convened to form a new Transgender Caucus Group.

This year’s CWSDC was the first time that such a representative group of transgender activists from different parts of the region were together in one location, and they made the most of the opportunity.
Activists took the initiative to hold dialogue about moving forward during two lunch-time meetings during the conference. This was initially chaired by Alexus D’Marco, the Caribbean representative of REDLACTRANS and Vice-Chair of PANCAP’s Steering Committee on Youth Advocacy.
Subsequently, an interim management team guided discussions.
The new management team is tasked with reaching out to potential members among transgender activists and advocacy groups in the region, community mobilisation and education of transgender persons and the wider LGBQ+community.
The team consists of some eight persons from The Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, Guyana, Antigua, along with an advisor from Fiji.
The initial CWSDC-5 group was constructed to give voice to transgender persons in the region and to ensure that
discussions on human rights, social equality and sexual and reproductive health are inclusive of trans-men and trans-women’s issues in the Caribbean.
“These persons now have a seat at the table of decision-making and visibility and are available for front line advocacy,” Notes D’Marco. “There is now greater visibility and unity among trans-people in Caribbean and as a group we will be moving forward, upward, onward and together as one Caribbean voice. We may all be from different Caribbean countries, but as the meetings demonstrated, our issues are all the same.”
The organisers of the CWSDC, which had as its theme, “Self-development for Community Empowerment”, are
pleased that the trans-persons in attendance made use of the opportunity to connect and took the lead with the establishing of this new group.
“At the CWSDC, we made the decision a long time ago to be as inclusive as possible and are proud of these individuals for seizing the moment to create this entity which will work towards improving the lives
trans-persons across the Caribbean. We expect to hear great things from them in the months ahead and will definitely continue to support their efforts,” Kenita Placide of the Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality (ECADE) said.
The CWSDC was organised and executed by ECADE, a regional human rights organisation, with support from United and Strong of Saint Lucia and UWI IGDS Cavehill this year.
It hosted some 50 plus activists and presenters from 20 countries.


  1. Just remember God created Adam and Eve not Steve and the Bible clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination. Has that changed? Or don’t you believe that part of the Bible because the word of God is the same yesterday today and forever. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Take heed

  2. Abomination. Shame to St.Lucians. Don’t copy all the evil thing that are happening around the world. Stay to what is true and moral. We were taught that men and women should get married. We st.lucians grew up solely on the teaching of the bible. State true to yourself and don’t be a copy cart. Don’t invite evil spirit into our country. People of God we have to fight this with prayer and declaration. The devil is working extra had to destroy our people and pull them away from what is right.

  3. I don’t condone homosexuality, or Transgenders but it is their prerogative. The bible also list adultery, fornication revelry and we do it so openly. Let them answer to their God we are no better because no sin is greater than the next.

  4. Government can legalize gay and lesbian, but they can’t legalize marijuana . Both are illegal in our law book.

  5. I do not condone or support the lifestyle of these groups of people but they have the right to engage in lawful pursuits of their happiness. Let God be their judge. The derogatory names and the vicious condemnation are unhelpful and only lead to profound resentment on both sides. You overly religious zealots, why not use your brain before quoting the bible?

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