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LDT Pays Tribute To Late Patron Denise Joyce Auguste

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Press Release:- Les Danseurs Traditionnels De Ste. Lucie (LDT) is immensely saddened by the loss of its “Patron,” musician, educator and sports personality Denise Joyce Auguste.

Ms. Auguste was our Patron for the last three (3) years having been installed on Friday April 21, 2017. She was the epitome of the group’s motto. “Cultural Preservation Through Pride and Involvement.”

Indeed, her entire life was spent proudly preserving St. Lucia’s cultural heritage through involvement at every level.

Our Patron was an influential individual of social standing in society. She was not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but was classy and stood out in any crowd.

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As a cultural aficionado, Ms. Auguste held an unwavering interest in the development of LDT and was a passionate supporter for the work of our group.

That was the key consideration in her selection as “PATRON” of the premier and oldest folk group in the country. Ms. Auguste was an integral part of activities, as we celebrated our 36 Anniversary on February 17, 2020.

She contributed significantly to the development of culture in St. Lucia, her contributions having been chronicled in several biographical pieces since her passing. As Patron she exhorted LDT to continue the legacy through its work within the education system in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

The legacy of the founding members could also be continued through workshops and partnerships with other folk-dance groups.

Ms. Auguste had an immensely pleasant disposition. She was a spiritual woman of character, virtue and high moral standards.

The Roman Catholic Church was the foundation of her life and as dedicated as she was to her music and the Hewannora Voices which she founded, she was even more dedicated to God and to Church in which she found the wisdom, strength, and courage to agree to lend her name to LDT in support of the group’s work, and to help guide the group through challenges and threats to its very existence.

Ms. Auguste was not devoid of human frailties but she managed at all times to be dignified and decorous so that LDT was always proud to have her as its “PATRON.”

Groups such as ours need people like her to inspire the work that is necessary to achieve their objectives.

LDT will miss Denise Joyce Auguste. We will never forget her.

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