Leeboration Wins Praise from Flow

Flow has congratulated the organizers of Leeboration and the “Artistes for Leebo” movement for staging of an event hailed by many as one of the greatest public outpourings of love and solidarity ever seen in St. Lucia.

The Leeboration Concert which held last Sunday (August 28) at the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground drew hundreds of patrons and was a great success. It reportedly raised just over $53,000 in pledges during a live telethon that was broadcast simultaneously on Choice TV, Calabash, DBS and Kairi FM.

Flow was one of the proud sponsors of the concert which was held to raise funds to assist Saint Lucian singer, songwriter and producer Francis “Leebo” De Lima who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Flow St. Lucia Marketing & Communications Executive, Shermalyn Sidonie-John said the company cherished the opportunity to give back by coming to the aid of one of one of St. Lucia’s musical legends.

“Flow was proud to be part of Leeboration. The artistes and organizers, as well as the patrons and St. Lucia’s corporate community must all be commended for coming forward so overwhelmingly and positively to support Mr. De Lima during his hour of need. This movement broke down barriers and brought people together from across all strata of the society. It was above and beyond anyone’s expectation. It felt great to be a part of it, especially knowing that it was in support of one of a great St. Lucian artiste who has given so much to his country.

“Our hearts go out to Mr. De Lima and his family, and we pray that he gets well soon and experiences the joys of being healthy again,” said Sidonie-John.