‘Legendary’ Attorney At Law Kenneth Foster Dies

‘Legendary’ Attorney at Law, Kenneth Foster, QC,  died at his home at Bishop’s Gap, Castries, on Thursday.

Family members who confirmed the death told St Lucia Times that the trail blazing legal luminary had been ailing for some time.

Kenneth Augustus Hermas Foster was 89, they said.

He qualified as an Attorney in 1957.

Foster is remembered as a superb lawyer and a great orator.

The President of the Saint Lucia Bar Association Renee St Rose described him as a legend in the legal profession and “most impactful criminal bar lawyer we have ever had.”

“Ken was not only a colleague but became my family and I am very saddened by his passing,” she said in a statement to St Lucia Times.

“His contributions to our profession will live on forever in our jurisprudence, our lawyers at the criminal bar who worked with him and learned tremendously from him and the generation of Foster lawyers he has gifted to us,” St Rose observed.

“We have missed him at the Bar over the last few years and will continue to miss him dearly, his skill, his charm, his passion and love for the law and the way he would be able to quote a case to the court for just about everything. My heartfelt condolences go out to his entire family and particularly our colleagues at the Bar, his sons Peter and Colin, daughters Deborah, Margaret and Cagina and grandchildren Luke, Tamara and Meghan. Kenneth lives on with us, forever, in so many ways,” the Bar Association President stated.

During an interview last year, Talk Show Host Claudius Francis told Business Focus that Foster was very well-spoken and could charm even the most hardened pool of jurors.

“The manner in which he presented his cases has been matched by few then or now. Ken was devastating in cross-examination and even the most well-prepared witness preferred not to have been grilled by him,” Francis stated.

“Kenneth Foster is the best criminal lawyer of my lifetime. Period!” He asserted.





  1. ‘ Up jumped de lawyer from St.Lucia!!! ‘…Lord Kitchener,singing,Parmasser…A calypso about One of the fellows Ken Foster defended in the trials of those ‘ Black Power activists ‘ ,in Trinidad & Tobago!!!

  2. Rip Kenneth foster … You and family supported me during my tender years growing up with no father . you’ve gone to meet Milton and Kenny . my condolences MS teta …

  3. Yeah put criminals back on the streets and supported his son’s criminal activities. No wonder he was ailing for so long. Reaped what he sowed. Ailed to his death. Do good my ppl, do good.

  4. Great aren’t other lawyers doing the very same ? Hopefully other lawyers stay corruption free as Kenneth was . Kenneth caught to the end …so wats your point .. Well hopefully family stay crime free

  5. His life was Stretched to see Death Coming .He supported the Criminal activity of His two Decease Sons .These two guys Terrorized anyone in Society especially in the Cap.Estate area Satan is awaiting on his Soul to welcome him

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