Less Jail Time For US Teen, Boyfriend After COVID-19 Breach In Cayman Islands

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The US teen and her boyfriend who violated COVID-19 regulations in the Cayman Islands have had their four month jail sentence reduced by half, local reports say.

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal reduced the prison sentence of Skylar Mack, 18, and her boyfriend, Vanjae Ramgeet, 24, to two months on Tuesday.

The court agreed that the original term of four months was not appropriate in the circumstances of the case.

The matter has attracted widespread international news coverage.

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Jonathon Hughes, the attorney for the couple, was quoted by CNN as saying that the couple accept the decision of the court, though they had hoped that Skylar, a Georgia college student, would be able to return home to resume her studies in January.

Hughes said both continue to express remorse for their actions.

According to Cayman Compass, the charges against Mack and Ramgeet arose from an incident on November 29.

MackĀ  attended a crowded jet-ski event in which Ramgeet was participating.

Mack, who had arrived on island two days prior to the breach, was required to self-isolate for 14 days before she could leave her home or interact with the public.

Ramjeet is said to have aided and abetted her.
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