‘Let Them Fight!’: King Responds To Reports Of Bickering In UWP

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Castries North MP Stephenson King, responding to reports of bickering within the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), had told reporters that it’s none of his business.

King, a former leader of the UWP and a former Prime Minister, spoke Monday on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting.

He declared that he does not care about what’s happening in what remains of the party he left before July 26, 2021, general elections to run as an independent, ditching the UWP’s yellow colour in favour of blue.

After retaining his Castries North seat at the polls, King accepted an invitation to join the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) cabinet when labour swept to power.

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“I stepped out of the United Workers Party after years of service. I have established the blue wave. The results of the last election have demonstrated that. I have taken a decision after the elections to collaborate with the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” King told reporters.

“I am very comfortable. I am very happy and I am certainly very excited about the future,” the former Prime Minister asserted.

“They cannot put division there. What exists between the Saint Lucia Labour Party and myself is a gentleman’s agreement which is sound, which is airtight and canot be broken,” King observed.

The former UWP leader spoke against the backdrop of viral voice notes on social media, indicating divisions  and backbiting within the UWP before the last elections and suggesting that consideration was being given to having him return to the party.

“The bickering that goes on in the United Workers Party is none of my business. Let them fight,” King told reporters.

Headline photo: Stephenson King on the campaign train as an Independent Candidate in the run up to the July 26, 2021 general elections.

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  1. Tammy you should be ashamed with your comments..Don’t use your getto like behavior slp to throw your dirty laundry..if you for county don’t work in your personal favors a bunch of greedy joes

  2. Men cry out under the load of oppression,and plead for the relief from the arm 💪of the powerful…..
    But no one say, ”Where is my Maker ?”
    Miseries is caused through politics by politiciens with mouths that boast and and brags and drags…..
    With much dreaming and meaningless words, like one that dream of eating and when they wake up they are still hungry…..
    Spent their years in contentment and their years in prospérité , but do help them to carry on their heavy load !!!!!

    Therefore,dearly loved ❤️🇱🇨 ians
    Let us not dwell on the past, with conscience stricken,keeping records of wrong doing ; therefore,let us move forward forgetting what is behind 💩 ,in order to see a breakthrough,we must change in order for St-Lucia to becomes a better St-Lucia 🇱🇨💝
    For we are never too old to learn and never too young to receives instructions.
    Let understand rise his or her voice and wisdom call out.
    Do not let the 🌞go down to ask forgiveness, because the word ‘hate’ is a never cure diseases,a burden to carry year after year (year round)
    Forgiveness means ❤️,feel free and are not deprived from God’s mercy and grace,and his unfailing love

    The LORD is good
    For all those who fear him
    lack nothing !!
    Blessed is he who has regard to do good ; The LORD will bless him in the land ; For he will lack nothing.
    It pays to serve GOD
    I lie down and sleep
    I wake up again because the LORD sustains me ; when I wake,I will be satisfied with seeing God’s goodness.

  3. I think SLP has more issues the UWP. We will witness it in the next 4 years. When you pick up all garbage to win an election, do you think that all in the party is ok with this? You won’t hear a word right now because everyone needs to protect their salary.

  4. Lol it’s amazing to see that only the political news have so much attention..I never reply to theses but I realize a trend….y’all old ppl can just bicker and hate each other cus of some old frogs in politics…neither knows how to run a country… St.lucia still backwards and will forever be with old ppl like y’all just bickering rather than solving the issue…..boo hoo we all know you’re sad cus ur friends didn’t win or maybe turned against you…is about time we move forward in the for the sake of youth rather than year by year old ppl fighting for position and power with no basic knowledge of how to run a country..smh

  5. Preach King. Instead of minding their business in their camp they busy using their social media groups to attack people under fake names. A bunch of useless noisemakers with no ambition, no brains, idle, jobless beggars, troublemakers trying to get attention from people who don’t even know if they’re alive.

  6. King run far away. Some who were supporting you now bad talking you because they realise what they lost. What is left there is not flambeau but a big nasty bo bo…….a dirty infected bo bo. Like Pinkly F said a bunch of low lifes in the UWP, fighting for recognition. All of a sudden all old washed up, used up and attention seeking gallay frogs crawl from under their holes forming all kinds of groups and posting nothing of substance to build up their party but instead hiding under fake profiles to attack people with lies. That is what the UWP is noted for…..roro, drama, ghetto behaviour, no substance, no mind…….a bunch of cowards and roro people. Mind you, the people they attack are better off than them, don’t even know if they are alive but they are obsessed with them trying to bring them down. People only try to bring people down because they themselves are beneath these people ….and that is where these lowlifes are…….at the bottom……..sewer. Flambequ fini

  7. And from this same party they want to tell citizens to stop the politics and come together. With this kind of attitude from a minister of government will this country ever come together? King could not use better words. He is still bitter and always sounds bitter when speaking about the party he was a member of. The same party you said that you were not joining, now you are comfortable with them. King you are selfish, jealous, bitter ruthless and sound revengeful. Let’s see how long your reign will last. Enjoy your comfortable job you lazy f…..

  8. Disagreements, infighting is nothing new to organizations especially political parties. Just take for example the St Kitts situation which caused the PM to dismiss a few members and call an early election. These disagreements can be healthy if they can get rid of snakes in the midst and can bring the organization forward.
    King needs to realize that he has become an unwanted commodity in the politics of St Lucia. He should not be talking because right now the same bickering is going on in SLP albeit in silence because of him and Richard.
    Tell us why we are not hearing from Alva, Kenny and a few others who are opposed to them being in cabinet.

  9. Congratulations to the PM for the longest time in parliament since 1997 or earlier…
    Please focus on WASCO storage capacity improvements and flow improvements to the very tip or st Lucia to the bottom of Lucia!

    • Stop echoing the shit that comes from Claude de Ass Francis buccal cavity. PJP has not been the longest serving parliamentarian in St Lucia. If so Kenny is as well, they both came in 1997.
      Compton was in Parliament from 1960 till 1995 when he handed the reigns to Vaughn Lewis. Mallet from my memory served even longer than him. Cecil Lay I think may have about a year more than PJP so longest, that ain’t true.

  10. I wish the so called 2 guys luck. As a member of UWP ,lets us UWP be real these so called 2guys is a poison to the future of the party. They are the last two nails remaining to complete our UWP coffin.

    So let’s keep on dreaming all the way to political purgatory

  11. Problems in Political Parties is nothing new. There’s always one or two who think they can do things better. Now, that word ‘better’ is it always for the Party, its governing formation, the Nation, its ideology or for self? I was there when Compton as a Labour Party member flirted with members of the then PPP ‘Peoples progressive Party’ John broke with Labour, then with the PPP created UWP. Sometime along the way, King became the Prime Minister. I was still deep down a Labourite at heart. I left St. Lucia at a young age but always kept in touch and visited often. Parties kept their Annual Convention, in the interim UWP chose a leader, not everyone is ever in total agreement – this is healthy, no dictatorship – Chas for a time is P.M. the Outliers have and historically will always be there.
    Time is not on the side of any Government today. St. Lucia is in the shadows of the darkness of a deep sleep unawares on the horizon. I beg of you, don’t rock the boat; the very poor among you will suffer the hardest but will say, enough is enough: you in your egoistic selfishness and silly infighting of ‘who is boss’ just listen, Steve you sold out, you accepted your lot, you can never be trusted by any of the two Parties, wait your chance and form you own pity Party and good luck to that:- You know, and I know, God is watching.

  12. Attention Mr King:
    The commentator on the release is just a supporter of the UWP. As a fellow suppporter of the party, I am in total agreement with her. We the supporters need to speak out and do it now. Now is the best time to clean our party because of the cluelessness of the present administration, which you are part of. You are not too please because the statement is favouring the leader of the opposition. The guy you and your clueless government fear. As you are at it, can you charge Mr. Guy Joseph of the allegations you and your mancho SLPs accused him of? Stop wagging Richard Frederick’s tail, King.

  13. We know you are being blackmailed by an SLP adoptee. But no one really cares about your doings, so blackmail cant work forever. Mr. King step away from both parties, use your years of experience to form the St Lucia Democratic Party; make it blue. Bring in an intelligent group of women and men to articulate policies that will be part of a 5-10 year plan to change this country around. these people are there. reach out to them. Singapore did it, so can we. but it cant happen overnight or in one term. Step away from labour, recharge your steps, take some visionaries and set about doing the change. some would reach out to assist, because you are trusted more than the power hungry bulls in the labour party.

  14. @Lydia Pierre, I am in total agreement with you. Chas and Guy need to be out of St. Lucian politics for good or else UWP will be in the wilderness for a long, long, long time.

  15. I want to hear Juke Bois’ opinion on this matter. If it was Labor he would lambase them. Again as I always say, Guy and Allen should be out of the UWP.

    • Agreed! For the UWP to be relevant again, Chastanet, Guy and other stumbling blocks have to be excommunicated from the party.

      Chastanet leadership qualities are very questionable. Got a huge mandate from the electorate and squandered it. Guy is too toxic and is morally and ethically challenged.

      Imagine Chastened allowed unelected and unelectable Ubaldus to hold on to office after exposing his Vienna sausage to two teenagers. What sort of leader tolerate and condone this type of deplorable behaviour?

    • The 2 guys you and the SLP fear. Is it not stupid that you, an SLP, want to tell the opposition who should not be in their party? They are both there to stay.


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