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Letter to the Editor: Bishnu Tulsie vs Allen Chastanet

Dear Mr. Editor,

Over the past few days our country has been abuzz with discussions as it pertains to the Saint Lucia National Trust and the Government of Saint Lucia’s decision to cut the Trust’s annual subvention by 100%. At first, I was amazed that the Prime Minister would be foolish enough to make such a decision that in my mind screamed victimization and this raised concern amongst many Saint Lucians.

That was until I decided to conduct my own research on the Saint Lucia National Trust’s operations and its relationship with the Government of Saint Lucia.

Through a Press Release issued by the Trust in relation to the announced cut, the Trust revealed that it received an annual subvention of $500,000 for 20 years from the Government of Saint Lucia a total of $10 Million and $700,000 per year for the last 17 totalling $11.9 Million giving a grand total of $21.9 Million received from the GOSL since 1975. According to the Trust’s release, in 2016 alone it collected a total of $2.64 Million from its operations. It also receives on average an additional $200,000 grant funds every year from regional and international organizations and has been able to consistently grow their revenue by 10% per annum. The Trust via its Press release went further to state that it employs 36 full time employees at a cost of $1.4 Million annually making the average monthly salary at the National Trust $3,241.00. They also mentioned their plan to redevelop Pigeon Island by constructing a Head office and Conference centre amongst other things to the tune of $6.6 Million. With this information at hand I started to ask myself the following questions:

1)Is a Government subvention supposed to be forever, especially when an organization has their own revenue exceeding $2 Million dollars a year?

2)Will the National Trust give the public a breakdown of their monthly or yearly expenditure apart from salaries to make a better determination of whether the Trust’s finances are being managed prudently?

3)What is the average monthly salary in the Public service and average National salary when compared to the Trust’s average of $3,241.00 monthly?

4)Is the construction of a conference centre and offices at Pigeon island the best use of the $6.6 Million that the Trust proposes to spend?

5)Why didn’t the National Trust speak out against the Dolphin Park project when it was initially announced by the Dr.Kenny Anthony administration in his 2014 Budget address, since they oppose the dolphin park not only being setup at Pigeon Island but anywhere in Saint Lucia?

There are many other questions that I would like to ask especially in light of a recent revelation that the St.Lucia National Trust received a boat as a gift from the World Bank to monitor Maria Islands and to conduct tours on the islands but have never made use of this boat. It in fact has since been revealed that this same boat was used by certain board members of the Trust to go on outings on weekends with their family and friends and that the National Trust has recently sold the boat without consulting or notifying several of their board members.

Most concerning however is that it appears that the St.Lucia National Trust has allowed itself to be hijacked by high ranking officials of the St.Lucia Labour Party which will be to its detriment. We Saint Lucians are tired of party politics, and an institution which is mandated to protect our National assets should make all attempts to be seen and known as non-political. The deterioration of the National Trust via politics and mismanagement is a very unfortunate event and something that should outrage all right thinking Saint Lucians.

758 Patriot

Proud Saint Lucian


    • Ms.Chase (SLNT) has requested all the people that have questions to meet her at her office and she will give them all the Fact Sheets and all the answer they so require. But this is just a way to dirty people names. Allen and his Merry Gang of As-H-l-

    • You fake ID citizens I have news for you all …The membership will vote four (4) more years for Mr.Tulsie.. PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT……

  1. I am so sick and tired of all of these fools who are trying to justify the behaviour of this tyrant Prime Minister. It is scary that there are so many literate fools in Saint Lucia. This is how they start and when they believe they have the support of the people they move to do bigger things like amend the constitution and postpone elections. Watch Venezuela before you say I am exaggerating. This is how Maduro started…Democratically elected then started taking the same path Chastanet is by attacking directly any form of opposition. Look at him now.

    This patriot clearly has his head up his butt and would stop at nothing. Probably being paid to write this crap too.

  2. I am so sick of these fool who are being used
    please remove the bottom of the coke bottle you are using as glasses
    and wake up.

  3. First this is crap the people came to Dr Anthony same ones now you all looking at came with a proposal Dr.Anthony listened and acted as he should but nothing was confirmed to no need to go to the NT. Now if you were not being vindictive you could have discusted this with the NT and advist tgem of the change but because you got opposition you vex ST.LUCIA IS NOT YOURS MR CHASTANET. GROW UP DO BETTER THAN THAT UOH BEHAVING LIKD Z LITTLD BOY YOU MUST GET WHAT YOU WANT AA aa Nd AA

  4. First this is crap the people came to Dr Anthony same ones now you all looking at came with a proposal Dr.Anthony listened and acted as he should but nothing was confirmed so no need to go to the NT. Now if you were not being vindictive you could have discusted this with the NT and advist them of the change but because you got opposition you vex ST.LUCIA IS NOT YOURS MR CHASTANET. GROW UP DO BETTER THAN THAT you BEHAVING LIKE A LITTLE BOY YOU MUST GET WHAT YOU WANT AA aa AND AA

    • Kenny Anthony hid everything so debate was never an option. These discussions about DSH and the Dolphin Park would have never been possible under Kenny. The Rochamel guarantee and Grynberg are glaring examples.

      • I will said this, i heard a guy from New York said on the Radio Talk Show.. “There is no need to try to convince UWP about Allen because FACTS does NOT MATTER.

  5. I personally think there is too much money being wasted with that trust. I never thought that so much money was being used by that organization. there is something wrong here. Why can’t they be creative and generate their own funds from all these activities that they hold. I think Mr. Chastanet was right in cutting those funds. It seems that $700,000.00 sounds like a lot of money being wasted.

    • Well Allen is also right to pay 1% of $1.5 Billion ($15 Million) for the budget preparation to the accounting firm. Is that not waste also when we have CSA Officers that did it for years.

  6. Can’ t St. Lucians reason for once? Consider all the money which the National Trust have received over the years. MR Tulsie himself have provided us with the millions that the trust have received over the years. What have they done with all that money? Can.t they raise their own funds instead of depending on tax payers money?

  7. They eh like guyanese.cause i heard woman on a talk show said bout they said if tulsee did t resign that trust have stop recieving

  8. Amatus Edward, why do you continue to write these letters under a fake name? Be a man and simply come out of your hack closet. This is utterly distasteful. Did the Prime Minister ever give as his reason for removing the Trust subvention that there was any corruption or mismanagement at the Trust? Now you hacks are all over the place trying to besmirch an organisation that has done so much for Saint Lucia. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  9. All of ull just shut up….the Prime Minister has the power…ull suck…Prime minister u right right right.

  10. Our environment, especially our heritage sites, needs a caretaker. The PM seems totally obsessed with pushing tourism development even to the destruction of our fragile and pristine environmental areas and heritage sites. $700 000 for one individual is a lot of money but for an important organization like the SLNT is pittance. The PM should hold his thunder for the wicked and heartless criminals who are roaming the streets. Not one word about the escalating murders but so vociferously against an organization that does its best to protect our precious resource.

  11. Although the National Trust has been visible in doing good for Saint Lucia; I believe it does make sense to make their financial accounts visible to the nation for whom they are representing. There should be no secret here as funds are from public funds or donations. The public (nation) has a right to know.

    • The financial statements of the national trust is available to the citizen at the office on Pigeon Island. Please make an appointment with Ms.Chase and you can get a copy.

    • What is he governing ??? Pie in the sky projects and economics !!! Every meeting he has attended on behalf of GOSL he has been laugh at… Go figure !!!!!

  12. If you’re a proud saint Lucian you would put your government name on this article

  13. St.lucia is not for sale..yet still them set of lucian selling on their lands to the Syrians and castries and up north..smh..both UWP’s and SLP’s are a bunch of hypocrites ..talk talk talk..

  14. 758 Patriot, should look up the meaning of “patriot”, it’s not the same as being partisan

  15. What we need is a revoulution to drive away the Capitalist Chastanet administration from power we black people must educate our self and fight against thoe expatriates

  16. Wow. St . Lucia National Trust should be giving loans to the government like NIC. They really can afford to do that.

  17. Very true. Why is the subvention from the government necessary. Should they pay the government back for the money they have received in the past?

    • If you read the ACT for the national trust you will understand the clear mandate given to the organization and therefore the subvention was indirectly mandated by Sir John Compton.

  18. How much money does the St Lucia National Trust have in bank?. Transparency is required for the public to make an informed decision.

    • Please ask Ms.Chase for an appointment and she will have no problems producing the financial statements to you. I hope I answered your question. Further more the auditors report was delivered to GOSL in February 2017 and each year in the months of February.

    • You do realise there over 20 comments attributed to “Anonymous” and that they’re not from the same individual!


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