Levi Darcie’s Body Found

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A Cedars, Castries family’s worst fears materialised on Saturday when the Marine Police recovered the body of missing 11-year-old Levi Darcie.

Marine Police Commander Kentry Frederick told St Lucia Times that the unit conducted an early morning patrol and found the body off the Castries Harbour around 9 o’clock.

Frederick disclosed that the child’s mother identified the body after it was taken to the Marine Police base.

The Marchand police are investigating the death.

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The police and the fire service had mounted a search and rescue operation after receiving a report on Friday that Levi had been swept away in the raging waters of the Castries river in the vicinity of Black Mallet, Marchand.

The Marine Police Commander recalled that the missing person’s report came against the backdrop of heavy rainfall associated with an approaching weather system and a flood alert issued by the Saint Lucia Meteorological Services.

“I am advising persons to take these cautions seriously,” Frederick told St Lucia Times.

“If you are living in an area that is susceptible to flooding be very careful and make sure that other persons around you are mindful of that,” he said.

Family members said Levi’s grandmother had given him some groceries and a bus fare with an admonition to head ‘straight’ home.

But they said that according to information they received, the St Aloysius RC Boys’ Primary School student joined a group of friends and eventually ended up in the Castries River which swept him away.

Family members disclosed that the boy’s father and uncle had died by drowning in the past.

A postmortem examination is due to determine the cause of Levi’s death.


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  2. All I can to this is accept my sympathy. My husband just shared with me that a friend of theirs was lost in the same river. The young lad was scheduled to go to England the following week but went with some friends to catch dry coconuts and was taken by the rapid current. His body wa never recovered and this was about 60 years ago.
    May the lad RIP …to his mother, grandma and family members ..May the Lord give you strength for this difficult journey.

  3. And the more we keep fighting with God,he will show his might and wrath !
    🌿As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it 🌿 whithout watering the earth and making it bud and 🌺flourish,so that it yields seed 🌾 for the sower and bread for the eater,
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  4. Parents please be more mindful. Mother i blame you for sending your ten year old son to do chores in an area away from home, during a flood alert. that is irresponsible. Why didnt you go and take the groceries. Its time we start training parents for the proper way to raise children. Teach your children to stay away from friends.

    • Dude, you’re an A-hole for that comment.To dump responsibility on a grieving mother for the very thing that caused her grief is just low.If she had left him at home and went to get the groceries and something happened to him at home you would have blamed her for leaving him at home alone.You’re a real prick!!!!

  5. Very Sad News re the drowning of the little boy
    My sympathy to All Concerned
    May the presence of Jesus give comfort to family and community

  6. The government must really do more to make that area safer for residents…
    – have flotation and rescue devices all along the river
    -compulsory swimming lessons for all kids

    – a campaign on how to be safe around water

    We can’t afford to be lossing citizens like this….a little common sense would go a long way to make things safer.

    Really sorry little King to have lost you…RIP. may your family be comforted…

      • @realistic….
        And so because accidents will always happen you suggest to sit on your laurels and do nothing about it?…never has an idiotic statement make you sound so foolish as this one you just made…if I am from space then, you, for sounding so stupid, you are a from planet idioticon. No wonder people think Saint Lucians are backward. It’s because of retard thinking like yours …

      • Accidents do happen in safe conditions.However, the likelihood for a tragedy is exponentially increased when an environment is unsafe. The little boy falling into the river was the accident, him not.surviving is the tragedy.Those are two separate things. If the area was made safer like C-WIZ suggested, accident need not end up in tragedy. Same concept as seatbelts in a car!!

    • Yol always there with a solution….nonsense solutions ie….flotation devices all along the river…wth dude? Them people stealing flood signalling stations so it’s not flotation device they eh go teef? Besides how often do people drown on the river? Dude get back to earth with your dreams….pappyshow

      • @generally speaking but saying f@#£ all..what do you suggest. At least contribute something meaningful since every suggestion to you seems to be nonsense. … Your pea size brain can’t fathom such intricate contributions

      • You are a dunce!Not just any dunce though.The dangerous type.The type that has nothing to contribute except negative criticism. Utter ignorance! Sad 😞.

      • “How often do people drown on the river??! “
        Once too often…the little boy is one too many.Come on man..Think before you comment!

      • C-Wiz, think your solutions are just wayyyyyy off..especailly the one on having flotation devices all along the river. Do you know that this river (aka gutter) is ONLY 12 inches deep 99% of the year? This is a just a sad and rare accident…no need to install those things all over the river. Perhaps, a greater push to understand floods waters and be better swimmers at primary school level could be more practical.

  7. This has to be such a sad day for the family. He looks like such a nice kid to have been lost so young to his parents.
    Condolences to the family and that they can go through the next few weeks with God’s grace.

  8. Good Lord, have mercy … finding him takes heartache to a new level. May angels surround the mother in this most trying time. Praying for his significant others that they will be strengthened enough to support each other. Sleep in perfect peace dear child ♥

  9. I have a question if someone falls into raging river like this case what really can the officials do in rescuing you ? Can they take a small boat through the Castries river? Can they deploy divers to rescue you apart from standing on the ledges in Castries watching in the water hoping you would show up the only other real thing that I see that can actuy be done is for the marine police to look for you in the harbor and by that time you already dead. I ask all of this cause the way this river is with all this debri what can really be done other than hope you make.it out alive.

    • I agree… This situation needs to be assessed so authorities know how to deal with it the next time….if it ever happens .. condolences to the family.. even the friends and siblings need comfort at this time

    • This is very tragic. I was crossings my fingers he would be found alive. May his little soul rest in peace ××××. Such awful news.

  10. Sadness sadness sadness, at the home dear mother; it breaks any ones heart at that tragic death, after all he was only eleven; to God be the glory, his Soul must be with other innocent ones in the Paradise of the chosen. It is very hard to say, but in a way, ‘Thank be to God’


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