Lewis: ‘We Will Stand By Taiwan’s Side’

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Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to Taiwan, Dr. Robert Lewis,  declaring that anyone who educates your people must be your friend, has told Taiwan News that his country will continue to speak up for Taipei at the United Nations and other international organisations.

And he pointed to education as being the major hallmark of the good relations between Saint Lucia and Taiwan.

 Ambassador Lewis disclosed that in 2022, Taiwan gave Saint Lucia 29 scholarships.

Nevertheless, Taiwan News reported that he is still urging the Taiwanese government to offer more scholarships.

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“We will stand by Taiwan’s side,” Taiwan News quoted the former Saint Lucia Education Minister as saying on Thursday.

Ambassador Lewis echoed sentiments expressed last week by Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

“I want today to express our solidarity with the people of Taiwan as they go through some trying times and tell them that the thoughts of the people of Saint Lucia are with them,” Pierre declared.

“And we hope that their democracy can flourish like the democracy we enjoy in Saint Lucia,” the Castries East MP stated.

Reacting to Pierre’s solidarity remarks in a message on his Facebook page, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry expressed ‘a big thank you” to the PM and the people and government of Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia’s expressions of solidarity came amid increasing tension between Taiwan and mainland China.

China regards Taiwan as a renegade province.

Tensions between the two escalated after U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan.

China declared that Taiwan has no right to conduct foreign relations and had warned for weeks against Pelosi’s visit.

Furious that the visit took place, Beijing launched ballistic missiles and deployed multiple aircraft and warships in recent days to simulate sea and air attacks.

On Thursday, Reuters News Agency quoted Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen as saying that China’s threat of force is undiminished even though Beijing’s largest ever military drills around the island seemed to be scaling down.


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  1. Man, stay where you are on your state sponsored vacation and keep quiet so tax payers can can at least forget the burden that you are on their backs 😡

  2. I can NEVER – NEVER, vote for SLP again. All the jobs were given to hacks and s…ts. Menissa Rambally, Robert Lewis, Cyril Saltibus, Stanley Felix, etc. Are these ppl the most qualified? Or, are they the best a.. kis…s?

    • The SLP is truly a DISAPPOINTMENT. It saddens me.

      They appear to take a special pleasure in rewarding the worst amongst them.


  3. anyone who educates your people must be your friend…umm sir it depends on what they want in return…..if they can educate us then we shud educate ourselves

  4. Well when we learn as a Caribbean to be self sufficient and stop taking and taking from countries just to fill their political world duties . Maybe then , just like chapele will say we can just shut the f up . Drink wasco water and mind our business . But we as beggars of the world when we can and have all resources to be self sufficient just have to follow protocol and condemn what we don’t feel through those countries history and US dirty influence on the world . Wolves in sheep clothing .

  5. The US knows Taiwan isn’t independent. The whole world knows that. They’re called the Republic of China on Taiwan. This was a geopolitical move by the US, that will only benefit them. They don’t care about Taiwan, same way they don’t care about Ukraine, once they get what they want and that’s getting rid of Putin.

    Mr Lewis needs to learn the history of China and Taiwan, and how China isn’t wrong for any of this. The US are bullies, same way they just told all the African nations that voted against allowing the WHO control over the world, that they can only buy grain and fertilizer from Russia and nothing else, or else they’ll be sanctioned.

    And you want to support them. This is crazy

  6. Now that I have ranted about this diplomat lack of rhetorical awareness in an earlier post, I want to add that any aggression against a state should never be tolerated. Haven’t the world learned the consequences of aggression? Time and time again humans who are supposedly an intelligent species fall into the quagmire of conflict…we will never learn is the definition of madness.

  7. Lewis’ brazen ignorance about matters involving Taiwan & China is explained in the following quote:

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”.

    • What a ridiculous statement to make that ‘ anyone who educates your people must be your friend’ A total ignorant and I’ll advised comment. This short sighted ignoramus does not know his own history. Who are these people representing Saint Lucia on the world stage? There is incompetence throughout this government. We really need a school of diplomatic affairs to teach these block heads about diplomacy and the art of rhetoric….WTF….!!!!

  8. Yeah, it’s time we start educating our selves and doing for our selves. I see last time you guys making way to teach creole in schools.

    What you all need to start teaching is engineering, tech and science. Expand the technical college at morne technical college and free up the space to allow “ALL” (not just for some) for the student to excel and benefit to what their country has provided.

    Scholarship is fine but we need home grown professionals in these areas.

    All now you all can’t get that cashless system you all been dreaming of. You know why? You all ain’t got no Software Engineers.

    But there are Saint Lucians who are software engineers, and medical professionals, etc etc. abroad. But they ain’t coming back to work for you. Cause there is no place for them.


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