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LIAT Announces Possible Delays Due To ‘Flow Control’

LIAT has announced that several flights within its network may experience delays due to flow control restrictions.

A notice on the  Caribbean airline’s official website on Friday December 21, 2018,  observed that V.C. Bird International Airport  in Antigua has implemented a Flow Control Restriction from December 2018 to March 2019.

“One of the major aspects of Flow Control is that Air Traffic Control in Antigua will allow only one flight departure every 10 minutes and one flight arrival every 15 minutes for inbound flight,” LIAT said.

The carrier disclosed that as a result, airlines have been advised that delays will occur.

“This may also affect LIAT flights in other destinations, as the aircraft to operate these flights may originate in Antigua or experience a knock-on effect,” it stated.

LIAT  said while it has no control over these restrictions, the airline will endeavour to minimise its wait times on the tarmac and expedite its departures.

The airline said it sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused by this issue.


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    • Very profound utterances , but PRAY tel , what in your thinking does any of this have to do with matters pertaining to Civil Aviation in the region? Maybe there in a connect which from my humble , lay perspective i am too blind and ignorant to see. I would bow to your command and perennial wisdom , and be even more inspired and moved if you show me. But I pray that you show me.

  2. Is this the latest excuse to justify this pathetic airline company.Did they ever fly in time? Do they ever know were they going to land ? and what day? What did we humans in the caribean do to deserve such a fate?

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