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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 am
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LIAT Suspends Commercial Flights For Another Month

Antigua Observer:- LIAT’s commercial flights will be absent from the skies for another month. The regional carrier announced yesterday its passenger services will remain suspended until June 30, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to make its impact felt.

The company’s CEO Julie Reifer-Jones said most destinations LIAT flies to still have their borders closed.

While some territories have announced a reopening date, there are still many protocols to be implemented, such as testing and mandatory quarantine periods to ensure the safe movement of passengers, a release from the airline explained.

Reifer-Jones said LIAT was closely monitoring the situation and would resume flights when it is safe to do so.

Passengers with tickets already booked for within the extended period of suspension will automatically have them cancelled and will receive full airline credit for future travel. They will be able to rebook as soon as the airline announces the resumption of passenger services.

Reifer-Jones reassured the public that LIAT continues to plan for the resumption of operations – and is “still committed to keeping the region connected, especially after this crisis”.

She noted however that a great deal of uncertainty lingered around the date of most borders’ reopening.

The airline acknowledged this was an extremely difficult time for the region, along with LIAT’s own staff and customers.

“The airline has maintained strict protocols for its aircraft cleaning and sanitisation to ensure the health and safety of its passengers and staff,” the release added.


  1. The Most Expensive Airline to Travel within the Caribbean .Liat always Late .Its Cheaper to Travel to Brooklyn .The Air fare from St.Lucia to Barbados 35Minutes Flight is almost $2.000.00 A 4Hours Flight From St.Lucia to JFK is Less than Two Thousand Dollars .its time another Aircraft Replace Liat (Leave Islands at anytimt)LIAT..

    • You talking and lying like your dusty PM. Airfare to Barbados is Not near $2000.00. And while yes I find it is high blame your governments who put high taxes on the ticket. Don’t blame LIAT. ABOUT 55% of the money you pay go to government taxes. If you have ever travelled to any Caribbean destination, check your ticket.

  2. you must be really dusty in truth. what you Implying do t make any sense. as long as politics involved it bound to fall out some how. that’s liat is facing

  3. so LIAT always want money and bail out. the same government they saying taking half your ticket price, is the same government that has to save liat over and over. its like the government taking the tax money so Liat can get their share of it every end of year without fail. you corrupt and crooked thieves in the caribbean is part of the reason why there is no professionalism and lack of business advancement in this region.

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