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LIAT To Be Liquidated

Barbados Today: “From all indication, LIAT will be liquidated,” Prime Minister Gaston Browne has just announced.

The Prime Minister said there will be a meeting of all shareholders shortly to discuss collapsing LIAT.

A new entity will be formed.

“COVID would have actually, let’s say increased the losses exponentially, so whereas in all of 2019 LIAT made a loss of about EC$12 million, that was within the means of the shareholder governments to subsidize,” Browne said on local radio in Antigua.

“You would have found that since COVID, the planes have been grounded, they have to pay the lease payments and they are not getting any revenue.

“A decision will have to be made to collapse it and then maybe the countries within the region will have to come together to form a new entity,” Browne added.

The Antigua and Barbuda leader says he cannot see the region moving forward without a form of connectivity and you cannot have an integration movement if people cannot connect.

New entity will require full cooperation

Browne said the new entity will require full cooperation with a mixture of public and private capital.

“What I’m hoping that we do not have going forward with the new entity, is any squabble over the location of the headquarters,” Browne said.

“At the end of the day, the only service that Antigua and Barbuda has enjoyed … within CARICOM is LIAT and this has been the case for several decades.

“So I just hope that we are not going to have countries within the region opportunistically fighting us to get the headquarters in their country to displace Antigua and Barbuda,” added Browne.

Leeward Island Air Transport was established in 1956 on the island of Montserrat. In 1971 Court Line Aviation of the UK acquired control and renamed the airline LIAT. Ownership of the airline was acquired by 11 Caribbean Governments in 1974 and it was renamed LIAT (1974) Ltd.

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  1. It now appears that our not so be bright PM as said by the SLP , is beginning to look very bright. After been dragged to the street for not investing in a failing company, St. Lucian should say thanks to PM Allen for making a business decision. OH, how many millions would have gone down the drain. NOT A BAD DECISION BY OUR PM

    Also, after extending the SOE to Sept of this year SLP again questioned the decision indicating that no Caribbean country is going down that route. Hold and below, the great PM of Barbados announced last week that Barbados is now extending their SOE to August of this year, citing the need to do so to keep the Cuban doctors. NOT A BAD DECISION BY OUR PM

    Going ahead with most of the Capital projects to stimulate the economy was called crazy and reckless by the SLP. The great PM of Barbados has announced that they are going ahead with over a billion dollars investment in the redevelopment of Bridgetown. NOT A BAD DECISION BY OUR PM

    • Let’s go over your PM’s record. Yes he was absolutely right about LIAT Thumbs up. Then DSH is a massive failure. So let’s seize all his assets to compensate the taxpayers for his folly. They did spend a lot fixing roads. But this is what we pay ROAD TAX for. So that really doesn’t count. We are paying those people those high salaries for innovation and not the mundane. Are our standard so low that we need to go to the top of the mountain and sing praises for people when they do the jobs they are getting paid to do. *** has happened to this country? We have produced citizens who stand in the upper echelons of human achievement, Sir Arthur Lewis and Sir Derek Walcott, yet we’re praising utter mediocrity, shabbiness and what is commonplace at its best. This country is doomed because of you party hacks.

  2. “LIAT To Be Liquidated” is not equal to “From all indication, LIAT will be liquidated,” Prime Minister Gaston Browne has just announced.” You people need to learn the English language as this title is misleading.

  3. Why make nonsensical comments in here . if this article is above you all level of understanding , let ppl who understand comment. Too often you all full this platform with garbage ….

  4. Haven’t heard anybody asking about money that was 2b refunded to travelers because of covid I myself is owed $400.32 us dollars and they have 2b hundreds of others, Looking like lost money for us remember lait Airline is the ONLY Airline that don’t give CASH REFUNDS.

  5. Is it true that private jets flying in from USA?
    If so,how is that possible?
    Tourists to sugar beach, bay gardens beach resort etc?
    Is that true?
    LIAT is a non entity … so it’s neither here or there anymore!
    But I want to know the Truth behind private flights from USA!?

    • Dennis….I live at sans souci…and trust me I know the difference between cargo planes (FedEx dhl etc) and private jets. I have heard and seen a couple over the past 3 weeks. What i don’t know is the meaning of my observation!!!! 🙂

  6. Every country is extremely careful with giving up their own airlines. without LIAT, trips across the region are impossible. so they need to think carefully because they are being myopic.

    • There are many airlines across the region that can take up whatever routes LIAT has. The shareholder governments have stifled competition just to give LIAT a virtual monopoly and even then they failed.

      • yes moron; how many have the safety standards that LIAT has shown over the years due to the training of its pilots. you people will never appreciate a good thing until its gone. dont come with stupidness. there can be a hundred planes ready to take the route, it does not mean they are safe or have experienced pilots.

  7. Well said. I’ve always found it ridiculous that people praise government for building schools, fixing roads and renovating health centers when this is primary to their job description. They act like these government leaders are the greatest thing that ever happened to the country just because they fixed a road. They are SUPPOSED to take care of these basic amenities. That’s why WE PAY TAXES. We should not just be satisfied with them fulfilling the basic task they were elected to fulfill but rather when they take initiative and present something innovative that not just boosts our economy but makes our country stand out in pride. We thrive on political row row so much that we forget to hold those elected by the people accountable

  8. Actually most countries, including in Europe and North America, have abandoned the idea of state-supported airlines. And in most cases guess what – it leads to new airlines entering the market and an increase it air travel. The fixation with supporting LIAT even when we know it will fail is part of the colonial mentality that we must do things one way “because that’s how it has always been”.

    • shut up you ignorant. british airways, american airlines, qatar air , lufthansa. all depend on national money

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