Lions Club Makes Donation To HIV Patients

Press Release:- The Lions Club of Castries recently made a donation of food hampers to the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Department of Health & Wellness.

The food hampers will be distributed to persons living with HIV who are less fortunate.  

Acting Senior Medical Officer in the Infectious Diseases Unit Dr. Gail Gajadhar expressed gratitude to the Lions Club of Castries for the support of care and compassion.

“This will allow persons who are living with HIV, who attend our clinics and most in need to get some assistance, whether it be some food. It was food baskets that were there to allow them at the beginning of the first quarter to have something. I know that at the end of 2018, there were some donations that did come to the Sexual Reproductive Health clinic. “So, it has been almost 3 months since then, so it might be a timely opportunity for persons who are in need to get more assistance at this time.”

Dr. Gajadhar says it is hope that more organisations will continue to provide generous contributions to HIV patients.

“I am very grateful for persons who are part of groups or even individually do donate of their time and efforts to persons who are in need. Anybody who is willing and able out there and who would like to assist, we would welcome the assistance, because there are persons in need; there is only so much help we ourselves can offer through government services so anything additional that persons are willing to offer, we would welcome it.”

A total of twelve food hampers were donated to the Infectious Diseases Unit.



  1. HIV is up in St Lucia,specially in the male population ,guys time you start thinking what the hell you doing to yourselves I think the donations would be better recieved in retrovirus medications wich is a mayor economical issue for these patients

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