Lisa C. Jawahir Appointed New SLP Communications Director

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Press Release:-  The Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre, has announced the appointment of Senator Lisa C. Jawahir as the Party’s Communications Director.

The announcement was made at the SLP Headquarters in Castries on Sunday December 5th at the Annual Conference of the Saint Lucia Labour Party Women’s Organization (SLPWO).

Jawahir, an award-winning communicator, an honour bestowed by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), comes with over 15 years of marketing and communications experience and holds a Masters degree in Strategic Communication from American University, Washington D.C.

Jawahir was a prospective candidate for the Castries South East constituency in 2020 and is currently one of the Government’s four women Senators in the Upper Chamber of Parliament.

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As an advocate for a sustainable economy through developing sustainable livelihoods, Jawahir prides herself on empowering the vulnerable, marginalized, women and the youth.

“I am grateful for this humbling opportunity to serve under the leadership of Hon.
Philip J. Pierre, our Party’s Political Leader, who is now the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia. I look forward to serving as a voice for the people and to encourage equality in providing bread, justice and freedom for all.” she said.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party congratulates Ms. Jawahir on her appointment and
looks forward to the contributions she will make during her tenure.

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  1. Thanks for pointing that out @Regretful Voter. It always seems that turncoat flambeaus are more appreciated than people who have traditionally supported labour. SLP does not value its foot soldiers. Well except to give them contracts to cut grass.

  2. Woman what you are preaching about your government (SLP) we are not seeing it. So stop with ” SLP is an inclusive government and are putting people first That is a lie right there. You talk but action speak leader than words. Those with a brain will not believe you. Stop lying to us. You better run from this administration because you will be tainted. That is why I do not like young people in politics because they are naive. SLP is using you girl..

  3. That’s the problem I have with SLP. Turncoat UWPs just arrive and are pushed to the forefront ahead of long standing die hard supporters. This woman was rejected by UWP in 2016 election when she wanted to run in Guy’s place and here she is, in the belly of the SLP after a few short years. Disgusted

  4. She sounds like a promising young woman. Why SLP did not give a a chance to rep Castries East and did settle for this Joachim Henry with his famous tantrum. We need more vocal people who stand their grounds and I want to see a strong and powerful woman as PM. Men are becoming too corrupt. Try making a difference without being politics. Only then people will take you seriously. I’m only hearing Cathwrine Sealeys advocating. Women stand up!

  5. I want her to speak the truth and do not detour from the fact. Once she does that she will have a bright future ahead and clarity to the people of st. lucia do not fake the shit politician often want to tell people.. if not don’t get dragged into this mess with these corrupted politicians otherwise your journalism carrier will be short live.

  6. This communique is lacking in “in the public interest” information. Does this post, Communications Director, replace the post of Communications Officer?

    if so, did the outgoing “Communications Officer” complete their contract/tenure, what’s the reasoning behind this appointment?

    Is there going to be a Director and Officer?

    In the interest of transparency this isn’t a good start, or this communique isn’t a good start.

    That said, congratulations to Ms Jawahir, putting this piece to one side I think she’s adequately capable.

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