LMP says decriminalising ganja may lessen demand

The Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) has reiterated its support for decriminalising marijuana, even as ganja advocates accuse the government of dragging its feet in making a decision on the way forward.

LPM leader, Theorld Prudent, recalled that the party has always held the position that it makes absolutely no sense to incarcerate a youth who is caught with a small portion of the herb.

“This is a time of enlightenment,” Prudent told St Lucia Times.

He asserted that if ganja is decriminalised, young people would not go to prison because of its use.

“Who knows? It may even end up lessening the demand for it, because it is no longer something where people feel that that have to hide or do all sorts of things to be able to get it,” the LPM leader declared.

“I have always said, if we decriminalise marijuana in this country, you allow a space like a particular park where those who wish to engage in this are free to do so,” Prudent stated.

“As long as they are not out there -as long as they are not in other people’s faces, you set aside a recreational park for them to be able to do so.  I believe this is something we should entertain.”

The LPM leader expressed the view that the world is moving towards relaxing ganja laws.

“My former boss – a person whom I worked with on his campaign, Chuck Schumer, the Minority Senate leader, has just proposed something in the Senate asking for the decriminalising of marijuana, which I quite agree with,” he said.

Prudent remarked that if the United States and the world are moving in that direction, he sees no reason why Saint Lucia should want to remain with archaic laws on the books that do not benefit the country and control its drug problem.