Local Contractors Invited To Bid For Reconstruction Of Gros Islet Town To Cap Estate Road

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Local contractors have received an invitation to present bids to reconstruct the road from Gros Islet Town to the Cap Estate gate.

The disclosure came from Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King on Sunday.

King spoke at a ceremony to name the Castries-Gros Islet Highway after Sir Julian R. Hunte.

He observed that the stretch of road Gros Islet Town to the Cap Estate has been the subject of much social media attention.

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“That section of road only last week in discussion with the Prime Minister, considering the severe nature of the pavement, the carriageway, ever since the rains of this year and this is a perennial thing, we have decided to go ahead of the implementation of the rehabilitation of the Castries-Gros Islet Highway and to award a contract to a local contractor to reconstruct that road from Gros Islet town to the Cap estate gate,” the Castries North MP told Sunday’s ceremony.

King anticipated that the award of the contract would be made in the coming weeks and Prime Minister Pierre, responsible for Finance, would find the resources.

At the same time, the Minister assured his audience that the road from the Choc Bridge to Gros Islet is under serious consideration.

“We are hoping that very soon approval will be granted for this entire road to be done under a programme to be financed by the Kuwait Fund,” King stated.

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  1. Person in Castries, you obviously do not live in Castries. In fact you dont live in St Luca either. No one who lives in St Lucia would be spreading this lie. Do your own research instead of repeating falsehoods

  2. SLP: Roads are being worked on, renewed shipment of bananas to England, engaging youth economy, engaging sea moss production, introduction of ePassports, prepares to give back St Lucians St. Judes by next year or two, etc, etc.

    UWP: But, but, but, but what about . . . .

  3. Labour fixing the roads even though they only there for 1 year meanwhile chas wait until 1 year before elections to start fixing roads

    • Says who? Roadworks are always in progress around the island – maybe in some places more than others. Maybe you only live in Castries?

  4. But you’ll award the contract already. Stop wasting press releases. There is no difference between the white jackass that was their previously and the black mule we have now. It’s like the police , you find corrupt police by calling 999. It don’t matter who answer they all the same bs …….


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