London Calls On Jn Baptiste To Declare Findings Of Voter Padding Claim

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Press Release:-  UWP Candidate for Vieux-Fort North, Mr. Vincent London calls on his contender, Mr. Moses Jn Baptiste to make public the findings of his probe into allegations of
“voter padding” in relation to the Vieux- Fort North Constituency.

The claim was made by Mr. Jn Baptiste via a voice note published on July 12th, 2021, 14 days ahead of the next General Elections.

In the widely circulated message, Mr. Jn Baptiste stated the following: “I am being told that over 200 names were added to the Bellevue list from another Constituency”. “I am being told that, that has been discovered and my people/ the Electoral Department are investigating it”.

“Over 200 names were found on the Vieux- Fort North Bellevue list, my people are
investigating this and if this is found to be true, I will update you and I will make
some public statements”.

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Today, UWP Vieux- Fort North candidate, Mr. Vincent London calls on Mr. Moses Jn. Baptiste to make good on his promise and inform the public on findings from his investigations into the claim of voter padding.

Failure to do so would give credence to what Vieux- Fort North electors and many saw as an attempt on his part to cast a “smoke screen” over his impending defeat at the July 26 th General Elections.

The residents have resolved that they are “Going to London”.

Vincent London is prepared to lead that transformation and begin the promise of: “A New District Representative for a New Vieux- Fort North”.

Headline photo (L to R):- Vincent London and Moses Jn Baptiste

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