Love Speaks

Dear Editor,

A few days ago we were virtually  inundated with red and white outfits that portray Valentine Day.
But love is not seasonal because it is divinely expressed in this way: ” love thy neighbor as thyself. “
I read a touching story from the Daily Nation newspaper, February 11, that tells of the plight of a 75 year old man that turned to share joy. Joseph Watts the newspaper says is feeling brand new.
Last October the Mellow Hill, St. Joseph resident’s plight was brought to public attention. after he had been living under a tarpaulin and exposed to the elements.
Back then when a Nation team visited the former mason(Watts) he was propped up on some dirty sponges in his makeshift home in the sweltering afternoon sun. His only protection being the same tarpaulin.
Today the pensioner is living in a new cozy one bedroom, one bathroom house,  a stone’s throw away from the very spot he once occupied. A clean looking Watts was all smiles last week saying, “I am feeling much better.
He also said that he is thankful to the St. Joseph’s parliamentary representative, Attorney General, Dale Marshall for coming to his assistance. Looking back on where he came from, Watts said, “I have to give thanks to the Almighty. He is my creator and He takes care of me.”
A wonderful story indeed in which a newspaper also played a part; can we do likewise here?
It is a better Valentine story. My question is, who among our parliamentarians will follow suit?
Hervon Henry.


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