LPM Leader Urges Stiffer Penalties For Serious Crimes

Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) leader, Therold Prudent has cited the need to revisit this country’s laws so that stiffer penalties would be imposed for serious crimes.

Prudent spoke in the aftermath of the country’s latest murder at Cedars, Castries.

Police also announced last week that a suspect who was held with $30,000 in vehicle parts had been granted bail in the sum of $3000, prompting incredulous responses on social media.

“We need to go back to revisit not only our laws, but revisit our sentencing guidelines,” the LPM leader told St Lucia Times.

“For example, when a young man is caught with a machine gun and all that happens is that he is given a slap on the wrist and he pays a little fine and if he does not pay it he goes in jail for six months – I mean, what kind of message are we sending out?”

Prudent asserted that such penalties would not help to control the trade in illegal guns and keep them off the streets.

“When somebody feels that they can snuff out a life and the only repercussion is going to Bordelais for a couple of years and just stay there and maybe, who knows, somebody in the human rights division will quickly ask for their release, I am saying what is that we are dealing with?” The LPM leader stated.

“I am not saying we can’t be compassionate to those who have found themselves in this situation, but we need to toughen our guidelines on sentencing so that everyone is respectful of our laws and respectful of our citizens and also our visitors, so people can feel safe and those who commit crime will know that here are serious consequences,” he declared.


  1. We need mandatory penalties and sentencing for specified crimes.But we need to put judges under a comision to revieu their judgment and give explanations to why they passed sentence in that way and their reasons.We all know that these criminals have friends that have power.And these persons are fast to come out and protect them.Its the courts that are failing the country.

  2. What about all the politicians that deceiving us..i guess only in st.lucia that’s not a crime..you should start with your follow politicians colleague’s….

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