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LPM: Minister’s Comments ‘Prejudicing’ IMPACS Case

The recent comments of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, asserting that the United States wants nothing short of prosecution in the alleged extra-judicial killings by local police officers, have been criticised by Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) leader, Therold Prudent.

Francis indicated that Saint Lucia is moving to comply.

The  alleged extra-judicial killings have become known here as the IMPACS case- IMPACS being the acronym for the the Caribbean Community’s Implementing Agency for Crime and Security,  which carried out an investigation into 11 alleged extra-judicial killings by Saint Lucia police officers between 2010 and 2011.

But despite presenting a report on the probe, there have been concerns expressed locally that the matter has not been concluded.

LPM leader, Therold Prudent said the comments by Minister Francis are prejudicing the case.

“Not only are the comments prejudicing the whole concept of what happened here, but I believe the minister himself still believes that he lives in the era of colonialism where countries like the US, Canada, England and France can just dictate to us and we have to follow,” Prudent said in an interview with St Lucia Times.

“I don’t agree with this approach because it would literally mean that America is responsible for Saint Lucia’s law and the US is telling us what we should be doing,” the LPM leader asserted.

Prudent said Saint Lucia has to be able to judge what happened based on this country’s own investigations and its own laws.

“For heavens sake, we are an independent nation,” he declared.

The LPM leader said he understands that there is need to clear up certain things in the eyes of the international community and show the world that Saint Lucia is not a country that carries out extra-judicial killings and respects the rule of law.

But he stated that this must be done in accordance with local laws.

Prudent said that listening to the Minister of National Security, the impression is created that the minister only cares about  getting a clean record in the eyes of the international human rights community.

“Yes, you need that but I am saying it cannot be at the expense of the country,” the LPM official told St Lucia Times.

He expressed the view that what is currently happening smacks of political expedience, rather than an effort to punish those who are guilty or exonerate those who are being accused.



  1. Agreed, America isn’t exactly squeaky clean either. We are still waiting Amber Guyger to be charged and convicted for MURDER and not manslaughter. We are still awaiting justice for all the black people killed by their cops on their own blasted soil. Tell America mind their funky business.

  2. You people really have no clue how the world works huh? Do as I say and don’t question me. St. Lucia has 0 power in the world. Countries far more powerful have to bide by America’s wishes. Put your tails between your and behave.

  3. I fully embrace the comments of Mr. Prudent. St. Lucia is a sovereign state and no country, no matter how powerful, should dictate the internal affairs or judicial outcomes of any independent government. Mr. Francis has proven himself not to be ministerial material. Many of his utterances are simplistic and moronic . He’s definitely an intellectual featherweight. The police accused police officers should face a local judge and be given a fair trial. Let the chips fall where they may.
    This anachronistic thinking that we should bend our laws, to get a specific outcome, in order to please a bully country, is just nauseating in these times.
    Mr. Francis, in his position as the National Security Minister, is of little value to the Cabinet and the country. He should resign or be removed from his present position as he’s an abysmal failure.

  4. Mr. minister, put country first, Mr. Prudent showed maturity in his comments. Oh no the rest of the world cannot, and shouldn’t interfere with our country’s juridical system. Mr. minister, don’t bow down to the US. you know how hard and difficult policing is. Human rights yes, buy they were desperate CRIMINALS depriving people of their rights, spreading Terra in the country, useless fools, with long history of wrong doings. i Believe in our juridical system. if one don’t believe in our system, then don’t commit yourself. Our police did nothing wrong, they defended themselves and the people of this country to their best of their ability. so US back off. our judges are the best..

  5. The lpm leader is talking. Crap it was being said my Mary francios n by d slp not becaz u Aline urself wit d slp 4 u now to say different you were saying the same things only 1 yr ago.and we r not independent caz if we were. The uniUni states wud not be carrying out training in our country and we can’t attend ..

  6. I know we are dependent on a lot oof hand outs and grants but the US has done vvery little to nothing ffor us or the regional forvthat matter for a very llong time now. Plus thy have more blood on their hands than most national do, including human rights violations in their own country. So yes I am in agreement with Me. Prudent.

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