LUCELEC Employee Featured In Jamaica Observer

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St Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) has congratulated its linewoman Dona Winnifred-Emmanuel, on being featured in the Boxing Day Jamaica Observer article “Women taking up space in the green energy sector across the Caribbean”.

According to LUCELEC, Winnifred-Emmanuel works in the Planning Department and is the lone female linewoman in the company.

Along with her, Jamaica Observer also featured  two others -Zahra Ennis and Amoy Scarlett.

The publication described the trio as three regional women from different backgrounds, united by a passion for renewable energy, its potential as a development tool, and the determination to help advance the green energy sector.

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All three women have completed the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Associate training course in photovoltaics (PV) installation.

The course is available through Green Solutions International SKN Incorporated (GSI), a Caribbean NGO and a NABCEP registered training provider.

According to Jamaica Observer, Winnifred-Emmanuel hopes to transform Saint Lucia with the knowledge she acquired through GSI.

The publication said she learned the energy business almost literally from the ground up, diligently working her way through various aspects of transmission and distribution before crossing over into the Planning Department.

Winnifred-Emmanuel helps in preliminary network investigation for approving photovoltaic grid-tied installations, meaning solar systems tied to the primary electricity grid, without batteries.

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  1. Strength of a woman. Determination is keep. You’ve made us all proud Mrs Winnifred-Emmanuel.

  2. Congratulations Mrs Winnifred Emmanuel. Hopefully, our young ladies can follow your footsteps into this career or other careers that have been traditionally closed to them.

  3. These women are paving the way for future young women in the Caribbean – who have been marginalised as sex symbols (word to you @JustSaying), or weak. I hope this article reaches young women who want to excel in technology, science, modern energy solutions and other livelihoods to broaden their ability in this sexist society within the Caribbean.

    Back to @JustSaying … I hope your comment was meant in sarcasm, and not sexist. Please do not exhibit your “weakness”.

  4. @ just saying……is like you dotish! This is a rare occasion that a woman is a linesman….a good reason to be acknowledged. Take your hard slap and fyah fi you….

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