LUCELEC Update on Tropical Storm Dorian

Castries, August 27, 2019 – The electricity system held up extremely well during the passage of Tropical Storm Dorian. There was no damage to any of the major electricity infrastructure – such as the transmission lines, substations or any of the generation plant. Throughout the period the country was under Tropical Storm Warning, there was only one call of a fault in the South and this morning we received two calls of area faults in the North.

This system did not bring excessive winds or rainfall but we must always be prepared. LUCELEC reminds customers to trim trees on their properties, especially at the beginning of the annual hurricane season on June 1. This will not only reduce potential damage to customers’ properties but will also help to minimise damage to electricity infrastructure from falling trees and branches, and prevent power outages in some instances.

Please note that LUCELEC’s offices will remain closed to the public for the rest of the day however our emergency services in the north and south of the island remain available. 

This will be the lone electrical system update following the passage of Tropical Storm Dorian.


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