Sunday, September 25, 2022

Lucian Blue Ocean Seafood Temporarily Closes Sans Souci Operation

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Press Release:–  The Management of Lucian Blue Ocean Seafood Inc. (LBO), an entity that is solely owned by a Saint Lucian business woman, wishes to inform the public that as of November 1st 2021, the company has undertaken a temporary closure of its business operations at the Sans Soucis location.

Contrary to unverified reports broadcasted in recent times, the closure took effect after all staff and our fisher partners were duly informed. Our decision was not without due thought process. Our staff and stakeholders have always been front and center of all of our
operational decisions.

The effects of the temporary closure on their livelihoods were not overlooked. The temporary closure comes at a time of low yield from our fishers and arriving at this decision was unavoidable and is in an effort to ensure the viability of the company under these trying times.

Coupled with the previous government’s failure to act in accordance with its commitments under the PPP arrangements with LBO, our business, like many other businesses worldwide, did not factor a pandemic in its forecasting.

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Our earlier huge capital investments in repairs, renovations and restructuring were all premised on cabinet decisions made by the previous administration. Thanks to our highly committed staff and supportive fisher partners, we were able to somewhat weather the early moments of the shocks that were brought about by these two mammoth occurrences which simultaneously impacted the business whilst in its infantile stage.

LBO was officially launched on February 22 nd 2020. Suffice it to say that the situation we inherited was a dismal one. We inherited an entity which was operating for many years with annual losses amounting to millions of dollars, monthly electricity bills of nearly 40K dollars and an unkempt physical structure.

LBOs projections were poised to change this trajectory.

In accordance with the PPP arrangements, we are in talks with the current government administration regarding sustainable measures which were presented in futility to the former administration, in February 2021. It is expected that the unresolved issues brought forward from the previous administration will be resolved amicably and a new way forward will be arrived at.

The current administration has articulated a genuine interest in the fishing industry and our fishers.

Food sustainability, energy efficiency and the livelihood of our fishers form the main pillars of our strategic plan and as such, we will continue to work assiduously to: a) provide a ready market for our fishers to operate; b) pursue avenues to leverage renewable energy and c) retool our fishers to meet the international standards that are required for the sector to be integrated into global economies.

Of note is that, despite our temporary closure of the Sans Soucis location in Castries, we remain open at our Vieux- Fort location where LBO continues to provide 50% subsidies on the cost of ice to our fishers.

We wish to assure the public that this is only a temporary setback as we look forward to serving our fishers and customers.

We kindly ask our stakeholders and patrons for their indulgence and patience as we undertake this exercise to ensure a successful reopening in the new year.

We continue to focus on creating employment opportunities and remain steadfast in our resolve despite reports to the contrary.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. @Susan, wrt “…you have totally misconstrued my take on this issue.” I sure did understand your angle. I obviously do not know you and neither do I detect a jealous tone in your initial comments. Perhaps Ann Clarke (AC) may have reason(s) to construe your statements as being influenced by jealousy. My take on your initial angle is your rush to judgement on the demerits of the situation faced by the company. You in essence castigated the investor as being a political wimp without paying attention to the facts of the matter wherewith a PPP agreement exists. By nature of the PPP arrangement, the business entity (LBO) is right to expect interventions by the government, at least those committed to. Do you know what those commitments are? In my humble opinion, you initially took a scandalous approach to the press release. However, you appear to have redeemed yourself with the more positive posture you demonstrated in your last post.

    We lucians should try to encourage and patronise the local investors as much as possible. Especially those who dare to undertake millions of dollars in investments. This is one of the ways we are able to keep the ROIs circulating in our local commerce and enable our own to expand their businesses outside of Saint Lucia. I am for example very proud of our own Rayneau Construction & Industrial Products for their ability to extend their business beyond St Lucia where they are able to compete with long standing companies like CO Williams Constructions for road works. Let us keep rooting for them and stop frowning on government interventions on behalf of local businesses. Governments do this all the time by way of tax concessions to hotels, manufacturers and other businesses that are mostly owned by foreigners.

  2. @ Chain Reaction and Ann Clark, despite it took days before SLT can post my comments and after many more days since this story was posted and attracted no comments, I am glad that after SLT decided to finally post my comments it triggered other comments. Maybe, then again, I figured someone or persons definitely wanted public feedback on the story.

    That being said, the both of you have totally misconstrued my take on this issue. For me, it is not about feminist movement or, woman backing woman or, feminism. And my God… I am not even anywhere close to jealousy, as a matter of fact I don’t know how or what it is like to have a jealous attitude or a jealous heart or mindset. Infact I highly discourage that dangerous sin.

    I have worked very hard and with much honesty to be where I am now and own what I own today with very little or no borrow from any financial institution or individual…. Now, that should give you a pretty good idea that I know what it’s like to put your shoulders to the wheel and work for what you want and at the end you have peace of mind. I saw my father did it, one at a time, gradual, step by step and owed no one. I practiced the same.

    Also, I am a sucker for the establishment, development and growth of local legitimate businesses in and of all types and forms. I support local businesses, small and large without any preference to male of female ownership. (LBO was one and I was glad to). I am a St. Lucian first and foremost and I will support my people, especially the marginalized small businesses, we all know what is to be a local business owner.

    The essence and backbone of my comment is stated in the third paragraph, especially the part where it said “they suddenly change” and “promised”.

    It saddened me that you both interpreted and went on a “Jealousy” , “feminist” and “insulting” path. But I excused the both of you because after all, isn’t it that is what is widely practiced to the detriment of others life and livelihoods.

    Just for the record, I want LBO to come back all locally male or female owned; not because I love fish but because of the roll they play in the fish and fishing industry.

  3. Kawang (although you seem more like a crab in a bucket), bring the evidence of the robbery. Some of you people just like to spew rubbish and repeat politically charged statements you all pickup from the streets (Mwen tun yo di BS). If you are a kawang then you should drop yourself back into the ocean so the fishers can reel you in at the end of a hook.

  4. Kawang… are definitely one of our people who, sadly, believes that St Lucians can’t own anything without some Whiteman or foreinger in it…that is disappointing and it angers me. You are shallow swimming in shallow waters. Btw kawang don’t swim in shallow waters so thats makes you a fake unpatriotic St. Lucian.
    Why is it we St Lucians find it so difficult to believe a BLACK, LOCAL, a WOMAN at that, from humble beginnings cannot own a business without white people or a foreigner backing it. If that is how we see our people then St Lucia is in a sad state of affairs. This is worrying
    And I agree with “concerned citizen” and “Ann Clarke” St Lucians do not want to come back to invest because of people like you Kawang with the jealousy and envy. You will remain one of those who will always work for people because you I am sure don’t believe you can own your business without backing from white and foreign people. SHAME ON YOU
    Why don’t you do your research and see how many foreigners who have businesses in St Lucia that are assisted by Govt all the time
    Go do ur research and come again.

  5. Senseless long political statement .. So chastnent close down fisheries complex and gave his father equipment and vehicles that was given to st.lucia by Japan .ezickel Joseph said blue ocean will do better than fisheries complex.. Chastnet and ezickel rob ous st.lucian fishermen of their livelihoods . blue ocean was an investment with chastnent and ezickel .

  6. @Anne Clarke you make some valid points in your post. I am a St. Lucian who migrated as a young teenager. I have educated myself (thank you Lord) with several credentials and I know of several others who have done the same and more. I know several St. Lucian physicians, engineers, attorneys, nurses, event planners, cosmetologists, pastors, nurse practitioners, chefs, psychiatrists, psychologist, anesthesiologist, social workers etc etc etc .

    However based on some of the reasons which you state all of these individuals have decided not to return to St. Lucia. It is very disheartening because I know from first hand knowledge that with their collaborative skills sets they could without a doubt make St. Lucia a better place by helping to foster a positive change/direction for all.

  7. We are busy distorting each other as St Lucians and the foreigners a accumulating wealth off the backs of hard working st lucians with our NIC money. It’s high time we support local and regain some of the lost industries. One brave St Lucian took her money and invested, she invested more than Tio Akin and Cabot put together and this is how we treat her, no wonder St Lucians are migrating at such a fast pace. We are quick to tool out the red carpet for foreigners but locals are treated with a long pole.

  8. So here is what I understood from the story. In fact, I will use an example to express my understanding: It’s like a grant fund from the EU is underway with a bank, say National bank. The grant funds are earmarked to subsidise loans for chicken farms. An investor with business plan in hand, approached the bank for a loan against the grant funds. The bank went ahead with the processing of the loan application and determined that applicant is qualified. However, the grant funds are not yet made available to the bank. The bank, knowing you are qualified and being confident that the grant will come through, encourages you to use your own funds to begin construction of your chicken farm etc..However, COVID19 pandemic showed up and the EU placed a hold on all grants in order to prioritise funds to deal with the economic shocks of COVID19. Now this investor who injected their personal funds into the chicken farm on the premise that the loan will be disbursed at some point, is left without liquidity to continue operating out of pocket and low yields from suppliers, thus low sales. Although some level of the chicken farm was already operational, the levels were not enough to execute the full business plan. As such, the investor decided to pause, wait for the EU funds or some other relief to come through so that their personal funds could be recouped instead of allowing the business to go under until it is irrecoverable. In this story the former PM and Minister of Agriculture is akin to the Bank, Cabinet is the EU and LBO is the investor. Got it?

    See, no political favor or nepotism appears to be involved in my example. its merely a case of sustained severe unforeseen circumstances that has caused the previous government, may I say cautiously, to redirect its resources towards the covid19 crisis and LBO fell victim to the collateral damage.

    Let us root for our local business men and women instead of acting in a manner that adds salt to injury, We need our private sector to grow so we all can benefit from that growth. Private sector growth and recovery amounts to jobs for our school leavers and re-employment for those who lost their jobs as a result of business closures.


  9. Suzanne
    Thats why our foreigners will come in and take over all our businesses in St Lucia whilst we St Lucians are badmouthing our local business men and women who try to develop their country and its people. Try to get the facts of what arrangements the people had with government before you open your backdoor.
    When foreigners come and take over and have monopolies here no one complains. St Lucians don’t want to come back home to invest because of all the jealousy and envy and badmouthing……. get up your behind Suzanne and work hard too instead of wasting time with your negative comments. Left to people like u St Lucia and its people will never develop. Comment on all the support the foreigners getting here. Oh you don’t know? But you know what Lucian Blue Ocean is about. Pathetic you. Why would any St Lucian want to invest when locals are not supportive of locals. People you all don’t realize Lucinas not coming home to invest….because everything is about politics. . Politics will conquer and divide us.
    You are a woman or so I believe so why don’t you rally behind a women who want to make a difference in their country. Women should support each other. Stop being a hater and don’t allow the jealousy to kill you. You are pathetic…..
    St Lucians!!! we will all be left behind and foreigners will come and take it all away from us. Open your eyes people and stop that BS…support local business …grow some patriotism

  10. WRT: “I know of many businesses who buckled under the weight of too many, too soon, too fast.”

    Perhaps you read the press release with a preconceived notion that a) the investor is wrong to anticipate the government’s commitments under a PPP agreement, b) it is unfathomable that it is a huge challenge to turn around consecutive years of losses (balance sheet as at previous stewardship) into a profit or break-even after 2 years of operation, albeit during the now 20 months long global economic shocks caused by the COVID19 pandemic and c) a temporary closure to stop the hemorrhaging of business resources is a failure. I must imagine that your understanding was closed to what happened in the developed world where governments injected trillions of dollars to keep many business open, businesses who experienced balance sheets in the green for decades. According to the article and even from government officials present and past who have had to

    My understanding of the article is that LBO is simply taking the necessary steps to mitigate business failure. That is business sense if you ask me. Also, if what is reported in the media is true about about who the business woman is then from what I know she has been general manager of one of the most successful businesses in Saint Lucia for years.

    Unlike you, I wish the company all the best and pray that the government comes through for our fishing industry. In case you do not know, a PPP arrangement is an explicit partnership between a Public and Private Sector entity and so the government needs to fulfil its commitments. At the end of the day, the success of LBO is success for our fishermen and fisherwomen in Saint Lucia. The brief information provided in the press release concerning the company plans for our fishers, is exactly what the industry needs.

    Thank you LBO management for clearing the air on all the negative and politically charged information that was out there. I was especially suspicious about this report from MBC, shame on you for not researching a story that you broadcasted without any care for the negative implications it may have on the livelihoods of all the people who depend on the success of LBO.

  11. Wow, what politically motivated bullshit, the overtone of this press release is laced with political mischief and a clear and deliberate effort to cast blame on the previous government for the dismal performance of a local business brought unto it by mismanagement by the owners.

    I used to be a frequent buyer of fish on a monthly basis before the new owners, fish was reasonable, both in quantity and price, but since the change of ownership, price outweighed quantity, I seek another supplier. I am sure many other people will say the same.

    Too many businesses depend on government (Red or Yellow) for handout even if it was promised. You don’t allow you business to ride the waves of political environments, they suddenly change. By the content of this press release it looks like you will still ride this wave to your detriment.

    You failed because you tried to do too many things one time in the short period you started, you didn’t take time to focus, invest, perfect for good profitability on one thing and then move to another aspect or idea, everything was done within too short a space of your existence, so your business crambbled because of overburdened investment diversity.

    Yes, you may have had the enthusiasm to grow but you try to run before you can walk with confidence. Or, it it a case where you were forced to try things to be able to cover-up for short coming of another thing. Bad idea, especially when there’s so much uncertainty of patronage by locals.

    I know of many businesses who buckled under the weight of too many, too soon, too fast.

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