‘Lucian Carnival’ Will Be Open To Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Persons – Guidelines Coming

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The Government of Saint Lucia through the Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information has continued plans for the successful hosting of Saint Lucia Carnival 2022.

Since the announcement of the Carnival Planning and Management Committee (CPMC) and the Carnival Music Management Committee (CMMC), the planning for ‘Lucian Carnival’ has kicked into high gear.

Saint Lucia Carnival is the island’s premier cultural activity and one of the biggest economic
drivers in the calendar year.

To maximize the benefits that comes along with Saint Lucia Carnival, the Ministry along with the Carnival Planning and Management Committee (CPMC) has been in consultation with the Ministry of Health to chart the way forward for the festivities.

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One key point to note from those consultations, is that ‘Lucian Carnival’ will be open to both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.

However, more precise guidelines will be provided on the procedures for participation in the island’s Carnival in the coming weeks.

Minister Hilaire stated, “I am very pleased to see a vibrant return of our premier cultural showcase. Saint Lucia Carnival 2022 is in high demand at the moment and promises to be on a similar level to that of 2019. We have also put in place several incentives and measures that will help Carnival Bands and Event Promoters recover from the 2-year absence.”

The Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information through its consultations with the CPMC and local Event Promoters highlighted that there will be NO new land events on the Calendar of Events for Carnival week, 7th to 20th July.

This is in an effort to reduce the risks associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic and put less pressure on logistics and personnel from relevant Government Agencies.

In considering the need to recover the sector from the 2-year hiatus, the Cabinet has approved the following incentives for Event Promoters and Carnival Bands who have been endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism, Investments, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) and the Carnival Planning and Management Committee (CPMC):

  • 100% waiver of Corporation Tax for the Income Years 2020 to 2023;
  • 100% waiver of Import Duty on material imported by Carnival Bands and Event
  • 100% waiver of Customs fees for Saint Lucia Carnival 2022; and
  • 100% exemption from Withholding Tax for artistes and performers at the events for
    Carnival 2022.

These incentives will assist with ensuring that the execution of Saint Lucia Carnival is at its usually high-standard and help re-energize the entertainment industry that has been almost dormant since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the initial planning stage of Carnival in 2021, announcements were made to host the Parade of the Bands at the Beausejour Circuit.

Since then, the prevailing conditions have become more relaxed. Therefore, revelers for Saint Lucia Carnival 2022 can now enjoy the traditional ‘jump up’ from ‘Mega J to Mega J’.

The Parade of the Bands is scheduled for 18th and 19th July.

Source: Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Gather christians, “I,said,not “soca christians”, but I say gather christians,lets now celebrate, for the LORD is now awaits, when no one will expect,behold he comes……

  2. Questions in jumping up carnival what difference does vaccinated makes from unvaccinated? Both of them spreading the virus same speed

  3. IQ62 reigns supreme as another dumb ass decision that don’t put people first as their health is not a concern of this government .

  4. Why are corporate taxes being waived for the two years when there was no carnival? Why is it being waived period? If the country is in desperate need of money, why one of the biggest short term tax generators is suddenly being waived? People can’t even afford to eat properly but business men who can are being afforded further breaks? Where are the breaks for the little people PIP?

    • It’s not just the waiver and the period of time, worse is that it is 100%. So if these red vultures who were so laid back during the campaign can reap these benefits of millions in savings, what is there for us who hit the ground running and secured the victory. Pierre couldn’t you have reduced the taxes and duties on basic commodities to help us. The price of basic items are sky rocketing daily with you claiming that there is nothing that you can do about it but Helaire can get so much for his circle of fags.

      • @SLP to the bone….so so true..That is the general cry of those who were front and center of the election victory and are now forgotten for the elitists FFF and it is resounding. I hope they are listening. Imagine putting yourself out for a party, exposing yourself and being victimised for it too, and those who stayed hidden with their prissy selves just crawl out and start collecting big time whilst those they consider nobodies are left on the bread line. How can a government which lied to the people, used poor people and the ordinary man to win, then kick them to the kerb, expect to prosper? I am so disappointed in Pip because I expected better from him. You either have to be boy toys, wives, jabals, children, sneaky links and side pieces of the slp executive and ministers to eat under this party. The pans are empty Pip….the pans we beat for you….the people who were victimised because they openly spoke against the injustices in support of you Pip are being victimised under you still……BECAUSE YOU PUT US LAST

      • You’ve nailed it. They don’t care about St. Lucians. These SLP lot are there just to fed themselves. St. Lucians need to put their differences aside because it is being used to take them for a ride. The politicians enrich themselves when in power, so being ousted when elections come around again doesn’t mean a thing because as far as they are concerned. “mission accomplished.”

  5. So it’s ok to waive taxes (corporate included), duties and customs for carnival band owners and promoters but the citizenry who is suffering due to inflation catches no break. PIP has proven to be a bold face liar. This man doesn’t care about everyday St. Lucians but only his own friends and family. People may call Chas and his party corrupt but at the very least they were aiding the people. Duty free concessions lasted ages, roads were getting repaired and initiatives for the creative industry were being pushed since it is a legit avenue to help further economic expansion. I pushed for SLP to be in power because I believed they would be the ones to keep corruption and nepotism at bay but I regret that. My family always votes SLP but among many member I’m starting to sense dissatisfaction with PIP and his performance. KEEP not listening to the everyday man and woman and see if your administration even makes it through another 4 years.

  6. Pip, as someone who wholeheartedly supported this party, even if now they don’t know me, I implore you. Grow a freaking pair and lead and stop letting that dishonest minister to walk over you in ernest. This is wrong on every level. Healthcare should be your priority and recklessly contributing to the rise in covid cases is going against your duty to protect the citizens of this country. It is going against putting us first. This is akin to domestic terrorism and treason. Carnival can wait….put more effort into making our country safe and improving our Healthcare facilities. Pip I voted, I supported this party even to my own detriment and I didn’t vote for this. Be the leader we voted for and stop staying in the shadow of the deputy pm that you imposed on us.

  7. It’s nonsensical to think they can execute this event in a safe and feasible manner, especially given the spike in infection over the past couple of weeks. The reward is just not worth the risk. They need to cancel that crap and focus more on containment, saving lives and the economy at large, in order to avoid another shut-down and retract the already frail economy. I wish this administration would stop acting foolish, and do the wise and responsible thing for a change.

      • if carnaval and selling chicken is the only economic activity you know; you deserve to be where you are in this sheet hole country, as backward as fk!

      • So that’s the only economic activity the island needs for it’s survival? Responsible leadership have sidelined risky economic activities, in order to curtail spread and fall-out throughout this entire pandemic. It’s not rocket science dummy, risk vs reward. Clearly my bubble is bigger than your entire existence.

      • Don’t be a moron. No one said it is the ONLY activity but it contributes. It is clear you don’t understand how a consumption/service based economy works so perhaps you should keep your hole shut.

  8. Wow, so Hilaire give Thaddeus, Arnold, Lorne and his band :
    100% waiver of Corporation Tax for the Income Years 2020 to 2023;
    100% waiver of Import Duty on material imported by Carnival Bands and Event
    100% waiver of Customs fees for Saint Lucia Carnival 2022.
    Red International has it good. The FF’s smiling.

  9. When u can’t take the next breath is when u will believe covid is real. Until then party on .let the slp crew make money off you all health and stupidity . Those who were lucky enough not to catch covid let them see how it feels. Even if u had a little flu as some of u call it. Your breathing never go back to being full hundred like before. Offcourse we.must.oearn to live with covid.but to do that we can’t keep doing the same old things and expect different results. The last peak we had was from an slp rally. This one will be worst. Now millions have it in north Korea and u bet they lying about the dead numbers. Hope u all have Dr st rose no for ivrrctermin.

  10. It only shows that the government desperately in need of money. Citizens need finance. The only way they know how is what was there all along. Give people the chance to open up their business. They allow vendors to vend. Now they are allowing the carnival organizers to continue with their craft. Gov’t has no other new ideas. Their campaign promise was a lie. They cannot do any better. Let St Lucia live their life. The death rate of covid is extremely low so why not just free up the country. That’s how I see it.


  12. I regret voting for a bunch of lying clowns. They knew from day 1 that carnival would be open to everyone. The majority of unvaccinated are young people and red international HAS TO MAKE MONEY by any means necessary. Obviously puts secretary band has to roll in some dough too. The deception that this government is known for was evident from the moment they won and forgot about the people who put them in and all their entitled leeches crawled out from under their rocks to come enjoy the feast. I am among a large number of persons who feel deceived and let down by the cabal. We actually thought we were voting for better but they didn’t even wait a year before they started ensuring that their FFF, friends, family and fraternizers pockets begin filling up. Regret I voted for this!

  13. Toot Chou zort pa bou!!! For those who don’t have money to bury their love ones, rat island will be a great location to dig a hole and burn their a$$. Those who cannot hear will feel

    • you dek dek man. after 2 years of them people drilling it in your head about bodies piling up on the streets. you ever see any one anywhere in the country dropping dead in the streets. ou meme.

  14. I wonder if one of the guidelines will be that an unvaccinated reveler cannot lawfully wine up or grind on a vaccinated reveler! And if they do, both of them will be apprehended and placed together in a detention cell somewhere in the city of Castries!

  15. What about “LUCIAN CARNIVAL WILL BE OPEN TO EVERYONE”. Will there also be carnival held in the other districts?

  16. oh boy look we all finish. the government is more concerned in brining in carnival than having a plan to cushion the blow of the economy of rising prices in foods and gas prices and saying there is nothing they can do about it. we have not had carnival for two years did we die? No
    we did not.
    smdh with where their priorities are

    • We had covid for 2 years too. Our economy died because of the response to it. It’s about time this scam come to an end.

      • Greetings, some may disagree with your angle but that is definitely the way to approach the crap!!!

  17. Why? Because unvaccinated account for most of the population? It was a stupid business decision to begin with alienating 70% of the population. Just as it was for restaurants. Next drop this stupid travel distinction of vaxxed sheep vs those critical thinkers who saw this scam for what it was.

    • I agree. This covid restrictions have to stop. No one is dropping dead in the streets. There are no bodies piled up anywhere as was previously recorded on internation mainstream media. The onous is on individual citizens to protect their health. Is a gun being held to one’s head to go and jump up? And furthermore if people are unvaccinated and uninfected how are they spreading a virus? This is ludicrous. The restrictions of the past two years make no logical sense and speaking of which….Jannour Credit Union you guys have to start updating passbooks, talking about due to covid they cannot. They giving you a print out which would take the same time as updating a passbook. How does covid prevent this important function? How? Chpz tun!


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