Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Macmillan Education Caribbean Releases Max Maths

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Press Release:-Macmillan Education Caribbean announces the release of “Max Maths – Making Real-World Connections”, a ground-breaking new series for Caribbean primary schools that makes an impact in every classroom.

This new series has been written to support the new OECS Learning Standards for Mathematics developing the core skills of problem-solving, reasoning, communicating, connecting and representing. Max Maths supports all learners to become confident, curious, resourceful and proficient mathematicians.

At the heart of Max Maths – Making Real-World Connections are three key themes: rich mathematical experiences, which uses a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach to enrich learning; depth of understanding, by using activities with a range of questioning techniques; and positivity towards mathematics, which enables learners to experience and share their enjoyment in the subject.

These key themes are brought to life by engaging tasks, vibrant colours, and a series of six characters who learn alongside students, helping them to connect their learning with real-world situations.

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Josh Lury is an experienced maths teacher, consultant, trainer and author of Mathematics and English materials. Caroline Fawcus is trained in secondary mathematics and is an author, examiner, consultant and advisor. Steph King is a primary mathematics advisor, trainer, teacher and author with nearly thirty years of experience in primary education.

Steph says: “The spiralling of the curriculum in the series allows for a more sequential and appropriate progression through content. This approach also gives students opportunities to apply understanding and make connections to other areas of mathematics and beyond.” You can listen to a message from Steph in this article.

The scheme comprises a Student’s Book and Workbook for Grades 2-6 and a combined Student’s Workbook for Grade K and Grade 1. Full teacher support is provided through free Online Teacher’s Guides for each Grade.

The seven-level series has already received much praise from teachers across the Caribbean, with one teacher from Grenada saying: “The various activities in each unit are very interesting, engaging, vivid and age appropriate. The activities are exceptional in this manuscript. They are interesting and highly engaging from the beginning to the end of each unit. This will be fun while learning. Excited indeed.”  


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  1. I remember when I was young the teachers in the secondary school every year were always changing textbooks, those of us whose parents could barely afford could not even rely on hand me down textbooks from other kids to help out the situation because they changed the darn books so often. now i look at those changes and i shake my head. fact is folks, now i am wiser even beyond those teachers and realise that this was all a marketing gimmick designed to make money from edition 1, edition 2, ect… i can tell you there is no need to keep updating these books every year. its the same information in each of them. no school should be allowed to switch textbooks left right and center every year. macmillan go toof!

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