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Updated on May 30, 2020 2:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 2:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 2:20 am

‘Mad Max’ Was On Bail When Fatally Shot By Cops

Miguel Edward, alias ‘Max Max’, was on bail for robbery with a firearm at the time when he was fatally shot by police last week, it has been disclosed.

Police spokeswoman Anne Joseph told reporters Tuesday that the matter was before the courts.

Joseph made the disclosure while seeking to dispel ‘rumours’ relating to the suspect who was being sought in connection with various reports against him including an attempted robbery and assault with a firearm and ‘some sexual offences.’

“These reports stem from the 1st of November 2019 and 2nd of November 2019,” the police spokeswoman stated.

“Prior to reports that have reached us there were no prior incidents where he was wanted for questioning or was identified as a formal suspect prior to those dates. These were fresh matters that he was under investigation for,” Joseph explained.

She said all previous matters for which the police would have had reason to question him had been dealt with.

Joseph recalled that in 2018 there was a matter of the possession of a firearm for which Edward was charged. She told reporters that the matter was dealt with in the courts.

“He was also on bail for the offence of robbery with the use of a firearm and that was a 2016 matter – so that matter was before the courts until that day; the 2nd of November,”  she stated.

Joseph noted that about midday on that day, officers encountered Edward at the Rodney Bay Marina leaving the Customs area at the port of entry.

“He attempted to evade arrest. Officers gave chase and were able to corner him but at that point he  withdrew a weapon and attempted to assault one of the two officers with that weapon. The officer discharged a round of ammunition in his direction and medical assistance was sought to treat his injuries. However, he succumbed at the Victoria Hospital,” she informed reporters.

Joseph said investigations are ongoing into the matter.

Asked whether the weapon ‘Mad Max’ had was a firearm or a sharp object, the police spokeswoman said she could not say at the time.

“I can confirm that it is a dangerous instrument – the particulars of that are still subject to the investigation. At the point where we are able to update you we will do so,” Joseph stated.


  1. Why does our govermenr or authorities mismanage the sistem. if Mad Max was arrested once twice three times for asault or robbery with a fire arm .This last piece …with a firearm…Why was he set free ? how many guns passed through the hands of this guy ? Why was he walking amongst us ? Yes you say he paid for his wrong doings ,but that dosent mean ,hes a nice sociable guy.He dosent walk into court and clense himself ,like walking into a church and confesing to a priest. This guy had a record of years of braking the law,you cant brush that history of problems ,These animals cant be tamed,you have to put them away and discard them .Every judge that had this guy in court should have looked at this record before passing sentence,just to realize, that he would never be a normal person,he would never rehabilitate.

  2. You shot the Mad Max,because he was going to pull a gun , what gun ? where is the gun ? Im not saying you did the wrong thing , killing the guy. But you feeding all those , that believe you used lethal force against an unarmed ,criminal or call him a human being if you want

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  4. What people should be concerned about is the amount of time that it has taken for the Courts to dispense justice. The guy was charged with an offense in 2016 and the matter is still before the Court in 2019. A simple offense of robbery (not even murder). While on bail for that matter he was also caught with a firearm. So leaves me to question what were the conditions under which he was granted bail? Because for sure in other jurisdictions you would have violated your bail conditions and be confined facing a felony count. This is the umpteenth time that I have raised this issue. What system are we using to secure compliance for bail? In other jurisdictions there are ankle bracelets, so what do we have? The guys are free to roam and plunder.

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