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Maintaining Mental Health In COVID-19 Environment

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Press Release:- As of  June 18, 2020, the World Health Organization reported a total of 8,242,999 confirmed cases of  COVID-19 globally, with 445,535 deaths. Within the region of the Americas there was  a total of  4,015,386 cases.

Testing results received on June 18, 2020 indicated 35 negative test results.

A total of 1,484 tests have been carried out to date and the  recorded number of confirmed cases remains at 19;18  of those cases have fully recovered.

The last positive case was recorded on June 4, 2020 making today the fifteenth consecutive day that all tests conducted have returned as negative           .

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As we continue to  live in this COVID-19 environment and adapt to the “new normal” we remind the public on measures to  maintain their mental health and to stay healthy.

Keeping healthy is extremely important during this time  and will ensure a strong immune system to increase your chances of preventing and fighting the disease.

These measures include:

  • Eating a healthy balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables daily
  • Regular daily intake of water instead of sugary drinks and beverages
  • Regular Exercise
  • Persons with chronic diseases must ensure that they remain compliant on the medication
  • Avoid alcohol abuse
  • Avoid smoking as it leads to lung damage and further exacerbates respiratory illness
  • Avoid stress and develop stress management habits
  • Visit or call your healthcare provider, if you have any concerns

The mental health impact of COVID -19 has been well documented.

It ranges from anxiety,depression to suicidal ideation.

All age groups are affected as the life changes have been drastic in  many cases.

The new reality of working from home, less social contact with family and friends, home schooling for children and being unemployed is actually a difficult time for most persons.

Persons are encouraged to seek help at the National Mental Wellness Center, the Helpline 201 or from trusted family members and friends , if needed.

We advise that parents monitor and manage children who may be trying to cope as well.  Also, persons should provide support to family and friends who may not be managing well  to the COVID-19 environment.

The Ministry  of Health and Wellness will continue providing regular updates on COVID-19.

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