Sunday, September 25, 2022

Maintenance Scheduled For Castries-Gros Islet Highway

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Press Release:– The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport wishes to inform
the public that maintenance on the dual carriageway of the Castries-Gros Islet Highway is scheduled to commence between the hours of 6:00am to 6:00pm Sunday 12th December, 2021.

This maintenance will involve cleaning of the median barriers, drainage works and de-bushing. The motoring public is advised that traffic along the dual carriageway will
be intermittently reduced to single-lane traffic.

Therefore, motorists are advised to proceed with extreme caution and utilise alternative routes where possible.

The Department of Infrastructure wishes to apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused by the scheduled maintenance.

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(Press release updated by Department of Infrastructure)

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Just what we need… more trafic. Seeing how the trafic so thick going up to Rodney Bay in this Christmas season they would start doing road work down Castries. No consideration for the people going shopping or work when they say they putting people first. They could of start that project in a couple of months but because of greed you know they starting now as for us take detour who cares

  2. In 2021 and the busiest time of year yol still doing road maintenance during the day…that should be 6pm to 6am…yol should be school teachers if you all wanted daytime jobs! What’s the update on the rodney- bay- fresh -start- cash -cow-teefing- Joseph project?

  3. This SLP governments seems to be the same TEST TUBE GOVERNMENT KENNY WAS running back in 2011-2016 whereby every time something was said by the public they reacted instead of having proper initiatives and ideas for itself. My reason for saying so is that if it wasn’t for the caller who called WHAT MAKES ME MAD on Wednesday to complain about it and the HOST ANDRE PAUL saying if they are listening I think it should be cleaned immediately nothing would have been done about it.

  4. Nah – this is pure wickedness, while road works was started under the UWP the SLP want to make thing abit different shut down the fish pond roads, while collecting millions from our road users via taxes, insurances, licensing and return us what ???? the patch work that’s going on is just a simple cover up of the quantum kick backs government officials got at dilapidated work in other words pay premium for a project and you get a pallet crate design for your mega millions. People you can rant all you want – politicians do not change the only thing they change is their clothes… bottom line!

  5. Had to wait on the busy season when this could’ve been done during all the lockdown we ve had smh. I guess better late than never

  6. Please knock the bump down in front of key largo, and aquatic center turn, please it’s PHoCking smph up traffic and suspensions, and speed! Just flatten it leave everything else. lol and wasco NO DAYTIME WATER In A YEAR in CAP Estate! Smph please Audit and look into higher ups! SMPH!

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