Major Arms Trafficking Operation In Martinique Dismantled

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Martinique law enforcement authorities have dismantled a significant arms trafficking operation, seizing more than 30 firearms and 100 rounds of ammunition in a clandestine workshop in the town of Robert.

Local reports say officers also arrested a man in his thirties on Thursday.

According to Martinique.France Antilles, the man had been engaged in the illegal gun operation for the past ten years.

And Martinique 1 Ere reported that investigators found a workshop where he modified firearms to make them more lethal.

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According to the online publication, the investigation revealed that the suspect obtained guns at a lower price on the internet or from specialised stores, modified them, and resold the modified weapons at a higher price.

On Saturday, he was indicted and placed in pretrial detention at Ducos prison while investigations into the illegal gun operation continued.

Modified firearms are also a concern in Saint Lucia.

Just recently, Saint Lucia police had expressed concern about such weapons in the hands of criminals here.

Appearing earlier this month on the DBS Television programme Newsmaker Live, Sergeant Shervon Matthieu disclosed as an example that Glock pistols with what he described as ‘selectors,’ allow the discharge of an entire magazine with one trigger squeeze.

“It’s a point of concern to us,” Matthieu explained.

Cross-border crime, especially the trafficking of guns and drugs, is a significant concern for law enforcement authorities in Saint Lucia and Martinique.

Both neighbouring countries have established an anti-crime network to reduce cross-border crime.

Headline photo from Gendarmerie de Martinique Facebook page.


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