Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Major explosion reported at Cul de Sac

An investigation is underway into reports of  a major explosion in the Cul de Sac area.

According to initial reports reaching the Times, the explosion occurred as some men were welding a container.

The noise of the the explosion could be heard for miles around as far as Morne Fortune and Hospital Road and many emergency vehicles could have been seen rushing to the scene, according to reports.

There are reports of injuries.

UPDATE: The Times has been reliably informed that the explosion took place at the quarry at Cul de Sac.

Initial reports indicate that 3 people were killed and several others were injured when a container of dynamite exploded.

The incident is reported to have occurred after 5:00PM.



  1. the massive shock was felt like a nuke bomb throughout the morne ciceron, la croix etc.

  2. we really need better inspectation of vehicles throughout before undergoing works for our safety. am sadden towards what has happen an my condolences to all families.

    • It’s apparent that you did not read the article in its entirety or you do not understand the simplest of the English language! It was said that a box of dynamites exploded, and not the truck which was being worked on.

  3. Oh my gosh, I heard the noise while I was walking through sansuci by the cultural center, it was loud and sounded scary to me…

  4. I was 2 miles away when i heard the explosion, and i told my son lives will be lost because it brought back my experience in Iraq,

  5. Wow!..so sad. My son works there and several people from my community. My heart felt condolences to all the families whose loved ones died or were injured. I pray that God will give them strength in this time of tragedy

  6. I heard and felt it all Marchand… Sad. R.I.P to those who died…. Get well soon all those who are injured.. GOD is with you

  7. I thought was a earthquake, but didn’t hear the people around say anything, then i sid must be a collision. That was real powerful because i felt it in Castries.

  8. This is a sad day. My condolences goes out to the families of the all victims and the company family. There are no words that will provide comfort in a time like this. All I can do is send love and positive energy to everyone, and I join mine with the others that have been sent. Also to the survivors, I wish you a speedy recovery.

  9. This reminds me how quickly we come and go. My heart goes out to the families who lost a love one or love one was injured​. I will be letting my love ones know that I love them

    • Really? I leave in the valley didn’t feel anything and you in micoud you felt it, smh. Everything is a big joke for some of you all in St. Lucia. No wonder things are happening to us. Unless we look within our selves we are doomed with such demonic possession. Condolences to the families.

  10. This is so surreal! Like something out of a movie! Walking through town this evening and this is the topic on everyone’s tongue. RIP .It is heartbreaking to know anyone should have to perish in such a way. My thoughts go out to their family and loved ones. This matter needs to be investigated and someone held accountable for this terrible tragedy. HOLD TIGHT LUCIAN OUR BLOOD IS FLOWING ALMOST DAILY.

  11. I felt the house shake in marigot, thought was something that hit the house so hard. Condolences goes out to the berieved families.

  12. Ppl stop behaviour like children respect others opinion and move on. There are many many people mounting they lost and all u could do is argue. Oh plzzz. My goes out to those with family invoid in the tragedy. May our heavenly father grant you strength.

  13. What was dynamite doing in a contianer? these are always held in bond, innocent lives were taken today because of greed. Someone needs to hold that man accountable, too many lives lost.

    • It’s so ridiculous how some people choose to makes jokes during such a tragic time. I find it to be heartless and cruel. I wonder if those who are making a mockery of this received a call saying their relative or friend passed away in this explosion….how would your react…would it still be funny speaking about where u felt it…? Hmmm

    • This not the time to behave like an Ass !! people are suffering, what would you have to say if it was your family.

  14. Sad to hear the lives lost.
    But until Evil Chastanet gets the Hell out of St. Lucia, things won’t change.
    Evil Chastanet is a BLIGHT and a CURSE on this ISLAND.
    Step down and flee to your homeland Martinique.
    We don’t want you here.

    • Why you have to bring politics into this. You are getting on like trump, the man is a St Lucian. wake up !!!!!

    • Firstly he is not from Martinique!! And you are not even blaming the people who had the container!!

    • Not only that, put whether health and safety measures are revised periodically with staff to ensure risk is minimized.
      Whether periodic checks are being done on the premises to ensure compliance.
      Whether outside personnel like the fire department is called to visit workplace to ensure all is in compliance.
      Because in the absence of knowing details, if a company fails to adequately safeguard its employees, well I hope the families would know what to do.

  15. Sad but true.it look like you gonna have to deal with this evil chastenet for another 4 to 5 years.the way you crying for chastenet to live st.lucia,it lookalike you gonna flood the place.poor jab.

  16. Kenny Anthony did not pay the African man on Utica ave ,he said blood would be sharing in st lucia but I didn’t take him serious but now I have no doute cuz it is crazy home poor lucia.

  17. Heard this loud boom..a sound i never heard before, and i am in cedars..also a sort of vibration..condolences to all affected

  18. i knew someone who passed, i hope his love ones hold strong my condolences goes out to the anonymous person who lost their lives on Tuesday march 21.

  19. Felt it in the north of the island…….but is wht the container doing with dynamites that what I want to no????

  20. It was very scarry, it sounded like something fell on my house, then i also felt a big shake, for somtime i felt very strange and confused , in my thoughts it was like, is there an eruption (volcano)? the surrounding was just strange with everyone in doubt and fear .still feeling strange .


  22. It is sad what happened to the employees who worked on that site. I extend my condolences not only to them but also to their families. My question is however, why would so much explosive be stored on any site? There are procedures to be followed when storing and handling such material. There are lots of enquires to be made as it relates to the loss of life, the critically injured, the quality of life of survivors afterwards, compensation for the aggrieved, legal proceeding against the owner and his business associates (politicians, police, custom officials) for gross negligence. Lets wait to see how all of the above unravels.

  23. It is sad what happened to the employees who worked on that site. I extend my condolences not only to them but also to their families. My question is however, why would so much explosive be stored on any site? There are procedures to be followed when storing and handling such material. There are lots of enquires to be made as it relates to the loss of life, the critically injured, the quality of life of survivors afterwards, compensation for the aggrieved, legal proceeding against the owner and his business associates (politicians, police, custom officials) for gross negligence. Lets wait to see how all of the above unravels.

  24. It’s so sad you leave your home going and look for a bread for your. Children thinking you will returned home to see your children and that is the sad new my prayer goes out the the families of those who lost their life god give them strength

  25. condolences to the families of all involved,but sad to say that every year for quite a while now,at least one life hv been lost on renneau s project.it’s a harsh reality!!

  26. We have experienced a very serious tragedy in St. Lucia today. Families are distraught over the loss of loved ones. We as a nation are mourning while some others a posting several very insensitive statements and it sickens me to the core. Let us come together as a people to support each other….Let us faithfully pray unceasingly…

    • Ikr!!!! Everything is a joke here in St Lucia. This is not the time to crack jokes and make stupid comments but to come together as a nation and pray. Provide a word or words of encouragement and see to it that the family does not have a mental or even a physical breakdown.

  27. RIPP Simon, Mr. Khodra and to the other/s who met their demise in today’s blast. I pray that the Lord comforts and strengthens the families in this very difficult moment.

  28. Jesus Jesus Jesus………… this is heartening. This is so sad. I may not know anyone working at the site, but lord you know best. My heart is crying Lord.
    Condolences to the families, friends and the entire nation as we would not want this on our worse enemy.
    Life boy….. Dread

  29. This a tradgedy that has left the entire nation in mourning. We need to come together as one nation and pray for each other in those very intense and trying moments. For the loss of lives, May their Souls Rest In Peace. To the injured, a speedy recovery is emminent. My heart goes out to the families of both groups expecially the bereaved families, remain strong and steadfast in those difficult times. St Lucians, we all need to come together in intense prayer. Please, let’s all pray with and for each other. May Our Island Home be Blessed.

  30. As usual hiding the Big Idiot, why no news crew cant say it is Rayneau Gajadhar Quarry that it happened at, my word everywhere “explosion at a quarry” or “in cul de sac”, like WDF we all know this guys reputation for mad workmanship and the way he go about doing haphazardness around the island, geez someone put the name out so we could scrutinize some more. condolences to all that was lost, your deaths shall not go in vain and no man or devil will escape….safety first Mr. Masa not slavery……

  31. i thought was judgement day, saw the sky crack open with a bright flash, stopped my vehicle and started to pray by the road. but it wasnt HIM but his enemy, so i prayed harder.

  32. Oh how far some companies go to stay afloat … smh .. everywhere certain companies abide there must b bloodshed or some strange death

  33. To some of you people who gave those nasty comments, one day your number will call I will see you on HTS or DBS
    Rest in peace my brothers.

  34. Well quite frankly Reneau likewise his brother Simon a my very good friends , the question is what was dynamite doing on that site some heads will have to roll

    I cannot remember the la toc ammunition bunker being decommissioned nor am I aware that there was a bunker on my friends site if so then something is very wrong

    I would expect if there was such a bunker that it would be guarded by the police

    You see all is well till something goes wrong , you a my friend but you would have some serious question to answer ,first who gave the authorization for explosives tovernight or to be stored on your site with the presence of armed police officers

    All the other questions will follow

  35. Sad-but-true you should be ashamed of yourself. Really?????? Lives have been lost and you attack one man. People like you who are destroying our land. The tongue is the most powerful thing and you should be careful how you use it. I hope you asked God for his forgiveness with all you vicious and malicious lies you say. This is not the time and place for your rubbish. My gosh give it a break.

  36. Condolences to the families of those who perished and were injured in this tragedy. Moving forward I need to ask some questions:

    How did a civilian have so mush explosives under his control and stored on his premises?

    Why were these explosives stored in a container, considering his unstable dynamite is?

    Which public official approved the storage of the explosives on a site other than the government storage facility at la Toc?

    Was the police aware that explosives were being stored at this facility and if so did they approved it or turned a blind eye?

    Who will be held accountable for the negligence which led to the slaughter of so many people?

    Will someone or persons be held accountable for negligent homicide?

    The practice as I know it for years now is that the explosives are wept under the control of the police, collected by an authorized person on the day of the blast and the unused quantity returned to the storage facility.

    If what existed at this facility is now the norm, then I can see how easy it would be for a terrorist to obtain explosives and create mayhem in this country or attack foreign interests.

    I have always known that the law is the law and no one, yes no one should be allowed to breach it or blatantly disregard it because of wealth, status or connections in society.

    I will be looking quietly to see the outcome of this investigation. I also suspect that other countries will be paying close attention too.

  37. This just prove that we need to live each second as our last. R.I.P to all those who succumbed, speedy recovery to all you were injured. Heartfelt Condolences to family and friends of the deceased.

  38. Why when some ppl take offense when other comments. Seriously stop this , sometimes what is been said can be food for thoughts. My heart goes out to all the families who have been affected.

  39. My condolences to the family of all those who suffered in the incident. But there are questions we the people of SLU need answers. Why is that a container loaded with explosives (dynamite ) at that site and not under police control? Where are the health and safety guidelines for that company? GROSS DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE.

  40. Heard the noise in Morne Ciseau, Jacmel and like others thought it was thunder…. this is heartbreaking….. i felt so distraught because i was at Cul De Sac a few minutes before it occurred…. Condolences to the family and friends of the persons who lost their lives and those fighting for their lives now….

  41. Well…. as a St Lucian living abroad, you have just reminded me of why I love my island dearly, but I would never go back there to live. Your intellect is still down in the gutter. Sadly, it has remained as undeveloped as some parts of Castries. You speak like depraved people, who are totally insensitive and not at all united. A serious tragedy has just occurred, and I have sat and read all your comments which reeked with ignorance. I am yet to understand how reporting about where the explosion was heard is relevant at this time. Can you seriously envision a bereaved family member telling you, ‘Thanks for telling me where you heard the explosion. This means a lot to me.” It was embarrassing reading your idiotic posts. I am telling you now. Continue in this vein, and you will see what will happen next. Right now the focus should be on encouraging the bereaved family members, and offering some form of comfort. If you cannot do this, then refrain from commenting. Some people were kind enough to offer condolences. Other comments were not at all helpful. How do I know? I lost a relative in the blast……..

  42. As a St Lucian married and living abroad, after reading these comments, I am reminded of why I am not encouraged to go back to St Lucia to live. Most of you, your intellect is down in the gutter, and remains as undeveloped as some parts of Castries. A serious tragedy has just occurred, and most of you find the time to post such ignorant and insensitive comments. I’ll tell you this. Continue in this vein and you will see what will happen next. This just shows a lack of unity and common sense. How is reporting about where the blast was heard relevant at this time? Can you envision a bereaved family member thanking you and expressing how much he or she appreciates this information? Right now the focus should be on comforting and encouraging. If you find this difficult to do, then please refrain from posting comments. Instead, use the time to pray and ask God to change your ways. To those who posted positive and encouraging comments

  43. … thank you, they are very much appreciated. How would I know? I lost a loved one in the blast.

  44. My condolences goes out to the family I was walking by serenity park about after five with my friend going to a meeting when I heard this loud boom lord put a hand

  45. It IS possible that some could of heard the explosion and others did not. There are times when there has been an earthquake and people in the area feel it while others in that same area don’t. Sometimes we are too petty. Lives have been lost, people are suffering and the ignorance is just striving. I believe we should allow the police to do their job and if one does not have any thing positive or sensible to say or comment on, kindly keep your mouth closed and say a prayer instead. It will go a longer way. May God be with us all!!!

  46. Heard the explosion in Ti Morne, Union and l was shocked and wanted to as the neighbour if she heard a strange sound.

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