Majority Of Chamber Members Responding To Survey Support Vaccinated Workplace Policy

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Press Release:–  The September 2021 St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture “Workplace Vaccination Survey” was conducted among a wide cross section of private firms in St. Lucia. A total of 117 responses were analyzed. Respondents included both members (66.7%) and future members of the Chamber (33.3%).

Firms classified as large, that is employing more than 50 workers had the largest percentage of respondents (29%), while those generally classified as small i.e. those that employ between one and nine were the second largest group of respondents (23%). Firms that employ between 10 and nineteen workers the third largest group of respondents (22%).

Firms from all major economic sectors responded to the Survey, the Retail & Distribution Sector having the highest number of respondents, (26%) followed by Professional Services (13%), Tourism (12%), Manufacturing (12%) and Financial Services (11%).

65% of Chamber Members who responded to the Survey support a Vaccinated Workplace Policy, with 35% not supporting. The September 2021, Workplace Vaccination Survey also reveals that only 31% of Chamber Members offer incentives to staff to encourage them to take the Vaccine.

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Like the rest of the country, the rate of vaccination among staff of Chamber Members is low. 38% of Respondents indicated that vaccination rate among their staff is lower than 10%, while 25% report having rates of between 11% and 30%.

74% of respondents report having staff treated for Covid-19, while 96% of responding firms have had to cease operations 1-5 times due to Covid-19. The primary source of information on Covid-19 Vaccination, has been identified as the Ministry of Health (50%) and Doctors (17%).

Overall, the Survey suggests that Chamber Members (65%) are more supportive of a Vaccinated Workplace Policy than non-Chamber Members (26%). Chamber Members (31%) have utilized incentives to encourage staff to be vaccinated while only (15%) of Non- Members have done so.

Of note is that only 36% of Chamber Members are considering requiring a proof of vaccination for customers to enter the premises, while an even lower (8%) of non-members are considering this policy.

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture will be seeking to dialogue with all relevant stakeholders on this most sensitive matter as its’ fundamental interest in the Covid-19 Pandemic is the control, minimization and ultimately elimination of the spread of the Covid-19 Virus that has led to a high number of deaths on our island and a larger number of persons with severe cases of this virus.

The Chamber remains convinced that Vaccination is a critical and key component of the strategy to achieve economic and social viability, by securing employment of St. Lucians.

The Chamber strongly believes that vaccination provides a heightened level of protection to citizens and all attempts must be made to encourage and have as many citizens vaccinated as possible.

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