Majority Of Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 Patients Are Female

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George announced Easter Sunday that 77 percent of this country’s COVID-19 patients are female.

Belmar-George made the announcement during an appearance on the National Television Network (NTN).

As of Easter Sunday, Saint Lucia had recorded 15 COVID-19 cases, she disclosed.

In addition to disclosing that 77 percent of the cases are female, the CMO also stated that the majority of the patients are between the ages of 45 and 49.

Belmar-George said 64 percent of  the cases report a travel history.

She explained that to date, all of the confirmed cases are recovering well with no complications.

The senior medical official reiterated that there have been zero deaths here from COVID-19.

“The contact tracing process has had significant gains in identifying people at greater risk of exposure and bringing individuals with symptoms into care in a timely manner,” Belmar-George revealed.

She declared that the success is in great measure  due to the  willingness of citizens to collaborate with medical teams.

“We at the Ministry (of Health) are very grateful for that support,” the CMO, who appeared on NTN with Prime Minister Allen Chastanet,  told the nation.

Belmar-George acknowledged what she described as “the notable improvements” in the behavior of citizens in relation to COVID-19 prevention.

She also acknowledged the many Saint Lucians who sacrificed to preserve the lives of he elderly and the most at risk by staying at home and heeding the advice of the health authorities.

Belmar-George reported that this country’s first two COVID-19 cases were repatriated to United Kingdom between March 24 to 25.



  1. 77% of 15 patients is 11.55 so where did Dr Belmar-George get that percentage from? How could eleven-and-a-half patients be female? She should just state the number of patients who are female, e.g. 10 or 11, especially as it is a small total. Or maybe St Lucia Times have got their numbers wrong again. SMH.

  2. For unknown reasons Covid-19 is killing more men than women which probably explains why St. Lucia has no deaths from the pandemic yet because the majority of the patients are female.

    • Countries with high levels of air pollution seem to be reporting higher death level. Makes sense as well. If you’re suffering from a respiratory ailment and every breath you take is poisonous or you’ve spent a lifetime poisoning your lungs, your body will have a harder time.

      • You are correct James. New research links air pollution to higher rates of corona-19 deaths which is why maintaining the lock-down protocols here make very little sense to me. Keep the borders closed and St.Lucians should be allowed out of bondage to breathe clean air and enjoy our beaches. Social distancing should be maintained and the wearing of masks based on people’s personal choice.

  3. John Public I’ve not read a post like this in a long time that has given me such a good laugh. We needed that to help with Covid 19. However Andrew sometimes you comments leave a lot to be desired. Why shouldn’t we be on lockdown but while we are out still practice social distancing. To me they go hand in hand, you on lockdown but if you go out use a mask and practice social distancing.

  4. Well if 77% of the pateints are female well we have 100 cases, I dont believe yall telling us the truth anyway.

  5. Why talk of percentages when the amount is just 19. one wound think when we have, say 100 or more
    then we can talk of percentages. Anyway we seem to be doing good that it’s not worse. Let’s be easy on
    the dear Doc she must be overworked at a time such as this. I pray that the Lord help St.Lucia from all this.

    • Y’all thinking capacity speaks volumes on what level y’all left school….percentage can be calculated on any recorded amount….example 5 can be recorded as 100% in it’s present amount….let me take you idiots back to stage 1….if john public has 4 rosey mango julie and he gave away 3 what percentage is he left with?…answer=25%,offcourse the 4 mangoes represented 100%..did stupid lily and kunumunu#the fox get it?

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