Male Arrested After Attempt To Force Woman To Withdraw Credit Union Cash

Saint Lucia police took a man into their custody for questioning Tuesday morning, following an incident at the St Lucia Workers’ Credit Union Limited branch at Gablewoods Mall, eyewitnesses say.

According to reports, about 11.00 am an alert employee of the credit union recognised that when a couple entered the building, the man was forcing his distressed female companion to make a cash withdrawal.

The employee immediately summoned the police, it was reported.

It was alleged that the man issued threats to the female.

Earlier reports had suggested that there had been a robbery at the credit union.

But the President, Peter Lewis, denied the reports.

Peter Lewis – President of Credit Union

“We would like to let our members know that no, we did not in fact have a robbery at  our branch at Gablewoods Mall,” Lewis told St Lucia Times.

He explained that what occurred was a ‘domestic incident’.

“One could liken it to us taking steps to rescue our member and ensure not only their personal safety, but also their ability to do business with us,” the Credit Union President stated.

“We were able to facilitate the member being in a safer environment and free from hassle,” he told St Lucia Times.

Lewis was full of praise for the police who responded quickly after they were summoned.

“We are happy to have been able to alleviate a situation that could have resulted in a statistic in the news,” he declared.

The credit union President said he was not at liberty to disclose details about the incident, since the matter is currently under investigation.

However he said it was known that the female was uncomfortable.

According to Lewis, the principles of the credit union movement assert that members are free to conduct business within the premises without duress or force being exerted on them.

“It is incumbent on us to ensure that happens on our premises,” he told St Lucia Times.

Lewis disclosed that at no time were members of staff threatened.

He said the police took charge of the situation which he described as a domestic incident that spilled over into the credit union.


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