Male Arrested After Soufriere Rape Report

A male was arrested by police  following a report of a rape in Soufriere, residents of the area and multiple reliable sources have confirmed.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the incident occurred between 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm Saturday.

It was reported that groceries were also taken from the home where the incident happened.

There are no further details at this time.

It is against the law to reveal the identity of the victim or accused in rape cases.


  1. Wonderful news!!!
    Can’t believe that a man can be so heartless.
    And for the persons circulating the woman’s pic on social media, have some compassion and STOP IT

  2. Whosoever it is Should be Charged and taken before a Magistrate .I hope He’s Remanded that’s a very Serious offence .The lady will be Traumatizedfor the Rest of her life .The Family members Should have aprehended him before the police and deal with him accordinly

  3. good job officers. poor girl now has to deal with this and her pics being posted all over social media.

  4. I am expecting some wise guy to say he did that because he frustrated and Chas has not sent nemo to drop food for him.

    • .Moses stop being a damn idiot. Check out the other comments (even if I don’t agree with some) and see how stupid your partisan point looks. Can you please try to elevate your self from that preschool level thinking? Thought you would make the effort when the PM complained that we have 43% of you all.

  5. And those people who are circulating the young lady’s photo, please stop. Think of yourself and plus its against the law. Really really insensitive.

  6. I hope they charge him for breaking the curfew after the rape charge……my people I have lost all faith in humanity. We need prayers….smh

  7. That’s not true the man Never raped the woman or tried to rape her and this is why it is law to don’t spread pictures due to the nature of the crime cause since the man didn’t rape the woman and his name out he raped he could basically take all of y’all to court for slander.

    • G.w shut ur ******* a** how the **** u know the man didn’t rape the woman where we’re u when it happened? U fool people like u that encourage foolishness ,u jackass .ignorant fool ,would u like that for ur mother ,your sister ,girlfriend or any family member of your .u fool!

  8. Larma! Please have this girl test positive for Carona-19 virus and now transmit it to this rapist bastard.

  9. Rape cases should be tried expeditiously. If the defendant is found guilty, an automatic Life sentence should be imposed.

  10. We under state of emergency. Normal laws don’t. You all can just execute mate. And I don’t mean hang. Firing squad will suffice.

  11. This is so heart rendering **** this young lady my heart goes out to you and your family your children if you do have this is just too much to think someone can be so sickkk to commit such a horrendous act during this perilous time..may God have mercy on your soul you sick ** animal!!

  12. It is so heart breaking when one woman has to undergo that never ending pain , and others who open up and say the culprit didn’t rape her. The Bible says “ Judge not and you will not be judged but we still can’t hide someone who committed the act . He knows whether he did it and she knows who did it to her. But when there is a NO and the action where this person doesn’t hear listen in a sexual act it’s a RAPE. Husband , boyfriend ECT. So men and women need to understand NO is NO. If he is guilty show his useless face.RAPING is a crime And if he committed this crime , he is a criminal .

  13. That is exactly why the rapers keep on raping because the law protects them from such heinous crimes…They should be exposed for the world to see !! And give them a public flogging, like one prominent politician suggested many many years ago.

  14. His name should go public By the way this law was changed many years back because one of our ministers ….you know.All these guys should be individualized and we should know were they live and if we have them in our comunity.You fluke around you pay.

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