Male In Hospital After Shooting in Soufriere

A male individual is nursing a gunshot wound to the thigh following a shooting incident in Soufriere Friday night, police say.

According to a law enforcement official, the shooting occurred about 11. pm at Fond Bernier.

The victim is reported to have been heading home at the time.

He is currently a patient at St Jude Hospital.



  1. These shootings are so prevalent that the majority of St. Lucians have become desensitized to these reports.

    PM Castanets, your big previous election lie on crime will bite you in the backside this upcoming election and tightly so.

    • Shut up. How will it bite him? Do you know everyone that owns a gun? Everything is so political it’s pathetic.

  2. Time to declare war on crime. Tired of saying – IF YOU KILL, YOU HANG.
    Time to send out a very strong message – start the hanging process, now.

  3. All these Shootings are Persons involved in Criminal activity .They wi never give the police information as to who Shoot them

  4. All these bad boys that walk around feeling inmune and bullet proof,then all these car thieves ,that we all know who they are,stripping cars that now they say are exported to our neighbouring islands ,we have to start shooting a bit more and eliminate this scourge in our society,that is causing to much damage .We need a diffrent strategy, thieves dont sleep they are at it all night,curfew dosent exist for them our police stations are badly placed,all the interiour of the island is their play ground for ilegal activities

  5. Castries Fisherman the police can’t be everywhere. I think you need to seek a job with the government on strategic locations of Police Stations. I pity the PM and Hemmingale for making crime a campaign issue and I hope all others learn from their mistake. Right now the only way to curb on crime is to get victims of crime and the public at large to talk. So many shooting happening in full view of the public and the victim will say garcon mate shot me but they never give that information to the police. I must hasten to add the the police hear it from PBL news but that can’t stand as evidence in a Court of Law.

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