Thursday, September 29, 2022

Man Accused Of Attempting To Rape Child In Castries Arrested

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A man accused of attempting to rape a minor female in Castries was held, beaten, tied up and handed over to the police, residents of the Bois Patat-Morne du Don area where the incident occurred say.

They said the incident involving a 5 year old girl occurred on Friday.

“He had a knife – look it, that’s it,”the voice of an animated female declares in a 28 second video that was posted on social media.

The video shows a young man bound hand and foot sitting on the ground.

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Two armed police officers in fatigues are evident in the recording.

“He said he was joking and he had the child on his shoulder ready to go and they full of bush around here. He would have go and rape and kill the child and drop her in the bush,” the irate female can he heard saying off camera.

She asserts that an example should be made of the young accused.

The man is reported to have jumped a fence to gain entry into a house where the child was and attempted to remove the girl’s underwear, but she put up a struggle as he took her away.

He was later held, bound and handed over to the police, residents say.

In a separate development, police in the South of the Island are investigating a report of the attempted rape of a woman in her nineties.

The report was made on Thursday when the senior citizen was found naked in her home with what appeared to be marks of violence to the upper body.

She was taken to hospital via ambulance.

Law enforcement officials say they have since arrested a suspect.

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