Man Convicted Of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Of Minor

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The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions successfully prosecuted the defendant, Forns Arlette who was convicted by a majority verdict of a 9- member jury on 24th March 2022 of two (2) counts of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

The allegation against the defendant was that, in the year 2000 and 2001, the defendant had sexual intercourse with a female student aged 11 and 12 respectively.

In 2018, some 18 years after the incident, the student, who is now an adult, gave an account of what happened to her to the Police who subsequently arrested and charged the defendant.

Thereafter, the defendant was indicted by the Director of Public Prosecutions on one count of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge with a female aged 11 years old; and a second count of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge with a female aged 12 years old, contrary to section 215 of the Criminal Code of St. Lucia, 1992.

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The sentencing of the defendant Forns Arlette is scheduled for 27th May 2022 before the High Court.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions wishes to inform the public that while the prosecution of cases of historical childhood sexual abuse such as this are not common, there is no statute of limitations on indictable offences such as:

Sexual Intercourse with a Minor, Rape, Murder etc.

Matters of these natures are of vital public interest and its prosecution, is of paramount importance of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Source: Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

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  1. There are so many more out there. This place is corrupt to the bone. Some are charged while others run loose. If he had name, he would be just as loose.

  2. These are the teachers trusted to care for you children Monday to Friday. The rest need to come out for him to get more years. Imagine this was your daughter or even your son, cause he both ways, salop la in all holes.. An R kelly need to be done on him and stretch the years…In your ass..And u see parents and putting up a front with all your side bag.More need to come out..Sick bastard.

  3. The other one could not be mentioned but this one can. Where is the justice in this place? We know him by name, so we need to know the other one that was found guilty earlier by name as well. If not don’t publish any names.

  4. Forns Arlette when you drop the soap in prison and that n!&&@ Tyrone spread ya cheeks like butter. Lmao

  5. Bravo to the police officers who were brave enough to investigate this matter and put it before the court system. I have heard that, that matter was first reported years ago but it was swept under the carpet while the perpetrator continued to prey on the vulnerable kids under his care. But thanks to a brave and determined victim, now an adult, the police came through for her and every victim of sexual abuse. I think that was the system making up for its ineptitude.

    • thats true but you dont think it came so just maybe that victim has some sort of status in society as she is all grown up now? i just say this cause you know how it is already unless you dont have nenen and poweh you not going anywhere in saint lucia

  6. all of you who wanted to know his name are you happy now? the law cant just put people name out just so due to the nature of the alleged crime they tired of telling yall that . what if they put the name out and he is later found innocent? his name would be tarnished not to mention the mizi yall that will make the person life a living hell because of something he may not have done. now this case has gone through the full process and he is found guilty and will be sentenced then now you can know who it is cause he going to prison for them to BULL him sakwe boowoa

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