Man Held In Guns In Barrel Probe Released

Saint Lucia police have released a man who was assisting them in their investigation into the discovery of a number of guns and a quantity of ammunition in a barrel, Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Wayne Charlery has confirmed.

Charlery told St Lucia Times that  that the man was held for a total of six days.

He explained that after the first period of 72 hours, an extension was granted to keep him in custody for another 72 hours after which the detainee was released pending further investigations.

Acting Comptroller of Customs Anita Montoute had disclosed that nine shotguns, two semi-automatic weapons and a quantity of ammunition were found in a barrel on the wharf  earlier this month during a routine check by Customs Officers.

Montoute said an individual who showed up to clear the barrel was detained by the police who were summoned after the illegal shipment was discovered.

The man was taken into custody for questioning and subsequently released while police gather additional evidence, it was reported.


  1. Omg, Lucians he is only a broker not the owner of the barrel. Brokers are required by customs to clear goods over certain value and persons who don’t wish all the hassle simply hire them. he would always be released and not charged. he is not the sender nor the receiver of the barrel just the broker. Want to hear now about the owner. Has he been held.

    • Whoever arrested the Broket is a jackass! Who was the barrell consigned to and who shipped it?

  2. If we were real policemen we would have let the broker take the barrel,wich we would have prepared apropiately,to see who would recieve it Well when you are in a war you either win or you loose I like to win by any mean

  3. So lets see if I have this right,the article says nine shot guns and rwo semi automatic weapons.Now shotguns are for hunting and security,they normally fire cartridges loaded with pellets,in the old days shot guns came in single barrel and double barrel,then they developed the six loader and eight loader for military purposes.So did this barrel hold nine shotguns or is this a case of bad writting ?

  4. We will never know like allways we will be left in the limbo,perhaps its a case of national security.How manny cases are we waiting for conclusions ? we treated worse than cattle

  5. You guys are dumb, everyday I read the article and I read the comments , there’s law and there’s protocol thats why he was reased, i expected you’ll to have common sense geez!

  6. That’s why we are always left to spread propaganda because we are never deemed important enough to be given information or at least an update. Propaganda will never stop neither will “fake news”

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