Man Hospitalised After Bloody Attack In Castries

A 42 year old man is in hospital following a bloody attack in Castries Friday afternoon.

Emergency officials told St Lucia Times the attack occurred at the Castries Waterfront.

It was not immediately clear what precipitated the incident.

However a Saint Lucia Fire Service official said emergency responders went to the scene about 3.50 pm.

The official said they found the man who had deep lacerations to the head.

Four of his fingers were severed, but he was in stable condition, it was also reported.

An ambulance transported the victim to the Owen King European Union Hospital (OKEUH).

A video of the  shirtless victim, a blood soaked cloth held to his head and wearing  blood-soaked trousers , was posted on social media.



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  3. Castries has become a bloody city. It is now one of the most unsafe places in the Caribbean. Criminals prey on their targets in this place, whether day or night, it doesn’t matter. Fighting crime was this government’s first priority when they were in opposition. This administration has been nothing but a colossal failure on this most important issue. They have to go.

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