Man Hospitalised After Vieux Fort Shooting

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A man was in the hospital Thursday morning after an individual alighted from a vehicle and shot him as he walked in the Cedar Heights area of Vieux Fort.

The shooter then got back into the vehicle, which sped away.

According to reports, the incident occurred about 5:00 am.

Emergency responders from the Vieux Fort fire station told St Lucia Times that they received a call for help, but the patient had already gone to the hospital upon arrival.

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There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Why everytime crime happens y’all idiots run and call out government …. Crime solving starts with the community bruh…. So I wud say we all are responsible..
    Mwen di sa mwen di

  2. Further Details would show that the victim is a High Ranking Boy recently placed in a top govt position by his Rover buddy (Job for the Boyz). Was hoping RF Talkshow and the honest PM and maybe the Press Secretary would hv mentioned and condemned it by now.

  3. This is just a typical day in St. Lucia. No matter the time of the day citizens are targeted by gun tooting gunmen.

    Every opposition leader has assured the populace that they have the solutions to drastically reduce crime, especially ones involving illegal guns and ammunition. All, without exception,have been abysmal failures.

    Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and St. Lucia have become well notorious for gun crimes and murders.


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