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Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am
Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am
Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am

Man In Black Carried Out Castries Shooting That Left One Dead, Four Injured

A masked man dressed all in black carried out the fatal shooting at Pavee, Castries in the wee hours of Saturday morning, residents of the area say.

The man in black shot Gino Joseph,26, of Pavee in the leg shortly after midnight and when the victim collapsed, continued firing at him, according to information obtained by St Lucia Times.

Joseph was  taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead after 1:00 am.

Four others, including two teenagers aged 14 and 19 were wounded in the shooting incident at a bar in Pavee while customers were playing pools, it was reported.

Residents say the gunman fired more than a dozen shots.

Just last week Earl Emmanuel, 45, was gunned down in a house at Pavee.

It was not clear whether Saturday’s early morning shooting and that incident are linked.




  1. Have they arrested the Man in Black??
    If the family knows how to burried the boy The Man in Black would come forward.within days.

    • Have they arrested the Man in Black??
      If the family knows how to burried the boy The Man in Black would come forward.within days. not anyone they can play the ass with and get away with it

      • Mr Joe,
        Please explain clearly, what exactly are you trying to say?
        Both of your comments are the same but not clear!

    • Is not any body they can play the ass with and believing they can get away with it
      .. .hell no.

  2. Yes people like that ..need not to be on earth..all they know about is using a gun..smh
    When will this stop..jah put a hand..all bad boy ting must come to an end
    Get off the streets break those gangs do something constructive
    Dont you’ll have children to care for/brother sister mother

  3. First question is, what is a 14 years old doing out at 1 am in the morning let alone in a bar? Second question is what are the authority doing to curb the gun violence. And when they catch them with guns what are the serious deterrents being employed?

    • You people still asking such questions? Lawlessness, non-enforcement, corruption and malfeasance is this country. If you have any sense of decency, you should try to get out. Yes other countries have issues but at least some of the agencies are trying to stop the problem. At no level is anything being done here to curb any wrongdoing. The politicians are morally bankrupt, the police are incompetent, the big boys like things as they are. Nothing will change, short of this country being burned to the ground and something better rising from the ashes.

  4. We need to restore confidence in this our land, so we need the intervention of our justice minister and the rest of the law makers! in order for our law enforcers to come in!

    • Those people don’t care. It doesn’t affect them or their families in the least.

  5. The Judicary Shitstem Must be upgraded in St.Lucia to deal with these illegal Firearms in St.Lucia

  6. The Penalty for unlicensed Firearms have to be upgraded .Too many illegal guns in St.Lucia .And these Murders are Targeted Homicides

  7. Who exactly is the justice minister? It certainly can’t be hermangild it must be hermanGIRL

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