Man Pronounced Dead After Report Of Shooting In Castries

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On Tuesday night, medical personnel at the OKEU pronounced a man believed to be in his late twenties dead after a report of a shooting on St Louis Street, Castries.

According to Saint Lucia Fire Service spokeswoman Annia Mitchel, at 8:53 pm, emergency personnel at headquarters in Castries responded to the shooting report.

She said the responders found a man who appeared to be in his late twenties lying on the ground in the presence of police officers.

The patient’s breathing was shallow.

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“An assessment of the patient revealed that he sustained penetrating wounds to his body,” Mitchel disclosed.

“His wounds were managed prior to transportation and he was assisted with ventilations,” she stated.

However, Mitchel explained that the patient became void of vital signs and CPR was initiated en route to the hospital.

He was later pronounced dead by a medical practitioner.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. The polices know exactly who killed the police…..the police made threats saying they gonna kill the fellars one by one …the harassment they gave ,the threats…the red skin officer the supervisor taggeting one set of fellars …the police opened his mouth and said he doing it delibrately. .they said they getting pay for making peopke life miserable…tell me how can u go in a ghetto pick 6 fellars den say they the ones behibd all crimes….the amount of threats bursting people house and threating man like woman….the young man yll kill jst so nothing for dat ba yll coming everyday and make threats to the fellars…..tell me whete is the justice behind all this….yll kill the young man den say is he one of the felkars dat did it smhh

  2. Garvey Alcindor was shot an killed by a cop in 2008 the officer planted a gun in his bag he then pleaded guilty after he saw he was gonna get caught in his lie a few weeks ago and is still out on bail until sentencing in July #corrupt system

  3. All I saying is I don’t see the difference between the police and thugs.
    Do ur work right by the law.if u have to kill to protect others, that’s ur right but u not just killing a man because he have a firearm. Shoot him in the leg first then if he go for the firearm u have all the right.
    St.lucia have no law.
    There’s a world war in making for those that think they day won’t come.
    Every body have their day, not me alone but I not afraid because that one thing we can not run from.
    Run if u can when Creator call on u.

    • I need answers now, the police had no right to kill my brother, this is heartless and delebrate. I need that officer to answer to our family. My brother did not deserve that. He was a human being, a son, a brother, a nephew, a father and a friend. I want to know on who’s account you leave the man two little boys. Michael was helping my dad and his mom with the bills and groceries. I need justice for my brother. And up to know we can’t get a response from the police as if they are all covering up for each other. This is insane. I am not putting my hands in fire for my brother but he didn’t deserve that kind of brutality. I need that police officer to come out and speak, don’t hide your face now because you were brave when you told my brother you want him, ran after him and shot him multiple times in the presence of other people, you were brave so now don’t play coward, come out and speak. I need answers.

  4. Officer Timaitre should be a happy soul on the hearing of this news. If I were the others I would have been very concerned.

  5. We don’t have a right to defend our life but police have the right to kill us. All I can say is 1 f..king life I have and nobody not taking it just so without a fight.

  6. Looks like there is lull in the killings. Words of wisdom spoken by someone who doesn’t understand matters of security. Until we have sizable disarmament there will be no peace.

    • The Tec 9and Silencer didnt save him .The Weapon found in his posession should be handed over to the Ballistic expert .The Police officers Homicide must be Solved

    • Not only that but looks like the police covering their tracts dead man cant talk hmmm funny but god sees..

  7. Is it true a Tec 9 gun was found on him? Is it true he was a member of Marvin’s crew? I am just asking.
    Can someone send out his pic.

  8. Do not go Republic. Do not follow barbados. Barbados has a half naked billionaire International celebrity as an ambassador likewise back up from the USA. Barbados has a better economy than the rest of the region at most, American embassy where other West indian islands find it quite tough to obtain a US visa whereas unemployed bajans get it in two seconds… Talking from witnessing this myself. Also Bajan PM and BJans do not like west indians because they believe they are better.
    They are biased and do not even help the other islands much less….. Has Rhian a the naked ambassador who got knocked up by some guy call ASAP rocky guess he knocked her billionaire as up as soon as possible…. (He ain’t stupid she is) what has she done to improve other artists in barbados. Do not follow Barbados they are in their own lane…. If you do the rest of the Caribbean will end up worst than Haiti.
    Get your economy straight first do not even attempt follow bajans bad idea..


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