Man Shot at L’ Anse Road, Castries

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A man was shot at L’Anse Road, Castries about Monday, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

The incident took place a short distance away from the Seventh Day Adventist Church, it was reported.

According to the officials, police officers responded to a report of a male brandishing a firearm, there was a confrontation and the individual was shot.

The man was conveyed to hospital.

There are no further details at this time.

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  1. The place is saturated with guns. In such a relatively small island the illegal guns and ammunitions are coming in undetected. Where is the intelligence to prevent this from reoccurring. Law enforcement is fast asleep. Leadership on this issue is sadly nonexistent.

  2. Is the SSU still in existence. I don’t know when last I saw one guy in uniform. Can’t they be used to go around. Go to all secluded plases instead of just sitting there that’s if they are. ARE THEY THERE?

  3. When the SSU was cleaning up. What happened? The politicians hang them out to dry for favours from the US. they even want to prosecute them. Stay indoors officers. If you’ll kill you’ll in trouble. Anything you’ll do you’ll in trouble.
    Let the salops kill each other

  4. Poor people targeting poor people while the ministers and the families well guarded so they not places no emphasis on the crime situation.unless these criminals don’t start targeting them u won’t see no change and I believe that’s the harsh reality


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