Man Shot By Guard In Valley Cold Storage Incident Dies

A man who is reported to have been shot by a security guard during a robbery attempt at Valley Cold Storage at Cul de Sac has died, a law enforcement source has confirmed.

The deceased has been identified as Kyle Clement.

According to reports, a Security Guard opened fire after several men attempted to smash their way into the Valley Cold Storage building one evening at the height of Tropical Storm Kirk over a month ago.

According to a company official, the guard fired several rounds after one of the men attacked him.

All of the men are said to have been armed with either machetes or sledge hammers.

One of the intruders, identified as Kyle Clement, was reported to have been hit in the arm and neck and was paralysed from the neck down.

He had been in the intensive care unit of Victoria Hospital since then, a source familiar with the case told St Lucia Times.

Clement is reported to have died Friday morning.







  1. Poor jab. He was a good boy his momma would say If he was not he would not die. Only the good die hoo….I hope he was able to identify the other low lifes before he passed. Good job security guard. I believe that all law abiding citizens of character should own a firearm. We need to be able to protect ourselves. I applying for mine soon and if I’m denied I will get one from Martinique to protect myself and who vex lose. All the criminals have and law abiding don’t have so…..too bad.

    • Sue Sear, you would have preferred that the criminal had killed a man who was trying to make an honest living to feed his family? You truly are a sue sear, a soo too wez, an enabler of crime, and accomplice to evil.

    • And what exactly does his salary have to do with this? Isn’t it an honest day’s pay? We should be happy he did his job n not jus sit by n watch things happen bcuz of his “pay”

  2. Good mo…… dead,mother and girlfriend dont have to clean his poop and fead the dog any more.Now they going to hell.

  3. I hope that serves as a lesson tto the rest and they make a serious 360. These guys in that Odsan area have terrorising hard working people in that area for far too long. Sorry a human being died but when its these guys I would rather they would all change or the same fate befall all of them.

  4. Trust me I’m elated , excited and more than happy one went down trust me those young fellers in odsan have to many things doing people working so hard and stealing people things lesson learnt more need to go down from odsan don’t worry time will tell

  5. The ineptitude of the lousy police force and the Dept of national security and not forgetting those sorry a** politicians are the ones to blame. I agree with Lydia Cox that every law abiding citizens should be armed to protect themselves and their family at any cost and by any means necessary. Folks….apply for y’all guns and if they don’t give you a licence get one anyway. It’s about time those low life bastards pay for their bad habits. Screw the police and their corrupt practices in who they dish out firearm licences to.

  6. A firearm is very difficult to issued in st Lucia. I believe that once you meet the necessary criteria you should be issued a firearm. But for those wanting to apply, the process is long, tough, and frustrating. Do not get an illegal firearm if you are declined. You will go to jail even if you are in the right if you use it and harm someone. Apply again and again until you get one.

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