Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Man Shot Dead In Castries Robbery

Police have reported that a male individual was shot dead Wednesday evening during a robbery at Ralph’s Supermarket at the junction of Waterworks and Cedars Roads.

Emergency services said they responded about 8. 15 p.m to a report of the incident.

It was reported that the deceased, aged 51, was shot while in the supermarket and died on the spot.

No other details were immediately available.






  1. St Lucia would have been a better island, but when you have foreign security companies like Guardsman exploiting our people by paying them 4:25 cents an hour working 12 hour shifts that adds up to 51 dollars for 12 hours of work so when you see thoes security guards looking well dress in black and white like customs officers they are more hungry working for peanuts we need to send them back to Jamaica with great fury and fire we need to unite against exploitation there is crime because the private sector is exploiting our workforce because we do not have a minimum wage rate even in 2019 no wonder that we are so poor living in squalor

    • My bro it’s just sad, but we do have a minimum wage and guess what.. $4.25 an hour isn’t bad at all

    • So now y’all see the correlation between hard work in school and getting a good job later in life. You reap what you sow. It’s not too late. You can still go to classes and better yourself. Hard work pays off.

    • So that explains why some of them security does try to make a little small change on the side by fleecing customers even whilst they on duty.

  2. neighbourhood is heart broken😢 these guys stole the cash register and still shot the man in his head! This man was such a cool guy to every single person, hearing his daughter cry last night was just heart wrenching. They robbed the wife first then he made sure he was always at the shop with her, recently they came to rob him and he told them go ahead take what you want the 2 thieves were so shocked they looked at each other and ran off instead, maybe thinking that’s not normal for him to surrender things so easily and this time they saw it necessary to take the man life wah.And then run marchand
    Please pray his family

  3. 03/14/2019
    I Proclaim that the “King is coming”! I announce to the ends of the earth, that the “King is coming”. And that the days of Noah are here. “I am coming for those who have laid their burdens down” …. In the name of Jesus.
    The Father says: My people, you must sharpen your senses for the enemy walks around to see who he can devour. You are in the battle for your lives, your enemy is real, and he is always watching you. He desires that you will be fearful, stay your mind on me. Keep your focus on my word and all will be well. I desire your hearts would be pure to me. I desire a closer walk with me, but you must be willing to lay down wrong locations, wrong jobs, wrong relationships. Keep walking forward with me, set your face like flint. My children, the times coming means you will be persecuted for me, persecutions of loosing your loved ones, persecutions of loosing all that you possess. It is time for my children to rise and shine, you are in a dark world. The darkness will continue until the end of this world. Do not at any time agree with the dark world. Be sensitive to my leading and carry my light.
    Those who have sewn into my kingdom you shall be blessed here on earth and in the kingdom. My children, prayer will be your greatest weapon in this time. New assignments are being issued to my true prophets now, pray for my prophets. Pray for your leaders and for your nation, so pray now, pray without ceasing. Declare the protection the three Hebrew boys received while in the fire, pray for what I did for Daniel the prophet.
    America is on the brink of war and because she has turned her back to me, so I will not protect her. Prepare for war on your streets America. I am already calling them forth, this is only the beginning. Nations who have turned from me and served other Gods. Watch now my children as I bring a recompense for those who speak wrongly of my people, you will see my power. See that you remember my words.
    * These are the words of – Yahushua.
    * Repent; be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, those of you who have not done so, for when the books are closed, no one will be able to enter in. God is sending warnings after warnings. We are in the End Times and he does not want ANY ONE to Perish. Time is running out, get saved now while you have time. He is the only way to salvation. Amend your ways and you will be allowed to remain in the land. Let those who have ears to hear and those who have eyes to see. Repent now! Remain strong, bold and courageous.

  4. Well done Chastanet! Kenny could not do it now you keeping us safe. Politicians stop telling us lies.
    Let one of the 43% defend the white man.

  5. Can both the Police Commissioner and Minster of Security be fired now? Sure they don’t commit the crimes and crime shouldn’t be a political football, but the Commissioner was hired to enforce the laws and bring criminals to justice. How many of those responsible for murders have been caught and let alone prosecuted. Clearly he is failing at what he is being paid to do. If I underperform at my job, I get fired. Why shouldn’t they as well.

  6. Profound sympathy to all the relatives and friends of the dearly deceased. These criminals are just brazen and without conscience. Why do these thugs feel so emboldened to rob then kill at will? The people need to rise up in the biggest street demonstrations in the history of St. Lucia and force the government to implement serious and workable measures to deter these gun toting miscreants and would-be criminals from carrying out these heinous acts. The government cannot totally wipe out crime but they can drastically reduce it. Herman-Guilt Francis should be summarily dismissed from the post of National Security Minister, the man is an abysmal failure. SLT, what is the homicide count for the year?

    • They feel emboldened because there are no consequences. This is what happens when you turn a blind eye to the little things. First it starts with stealing their mother’s 10 cents. Then graduate to 1.00. Soon enough you can’t find enough to steal in the house so you go out. Then when they get caught the judiciary gives them a slap on the wrist. Victim intimidation follows. The victims report the threats to the police. The police do nothing. The criminals feel more empowered because the can steal, intimidate and suffer no consequences. Knowing that victims will try to protect themselves the criminals arm themselves. They can get guns while law abiding citizens can’t. Murder is the next logical step because the Royal St. Lucia Police Farce is useless. The judiciary is a sham. If that person suffered some serious consequences at the first infraction, this man would be alive today. But hey those corrupt police and politicians need to run their guns as their side hustle. I’m truly hoping those criminals are quickly killed.

      And I agree both Hermangills and Moncherry should be fired.

  7. Hermanguild Francis and Allen Chastened are our biggest threats to national security. They are clueless, couldn’t care less and heartless. We are a nation under attack thanks to those two. Hermanguild get out of the rum shops and do something…Chastanet come down from the clouds and do something…you are the one who said Kenny couldn’t but you could! You won an election on LIES and DECEIT and our people are dying…if not from crime but from poor health care. What have the people of this country done to you to deserve the treatment you unleash on them today? Have a heart man. Allen why do you HATE us so much?

  8. Given that the USA has placed an embargo on our police for Operation Restore Confidence (ORC) then we need to approach the Russians to give our police AK-47s to replace their M16s so that the police can restore the peace. If we do not eliminate the gun-toting criminals soon then the USA will squeeze us some more by warning their citizens not to travel to Saint Lucia because of crime which will kill our tourist industry. As the Mighty Gabby said “Arm the police, Pow-Pow, violence will cease…..”

  9. Search warrants have to be executed day and night in all these Ghettos .The illegal guns must be Recovered .Its getting to late Something Serious have to be done .Foreign Investors will not come to St.Lucia also Cruise Ships this is Serious

  10. This is to close to home a man making an honest dollar to be killed in his place of business is not fair people who have a little business should protect their place.There is no law in St Lucia crack down on these criminals it’s time let loose the police so they can clean up the streets

  11. All you hear and read about on the internet is shooting and robbery that’s so sad my people rise up against the criminals take them out Helen of the West Indies no more where is the law and order bring back capital punishment you kill hang your behind get caught with a gun 25 years behind bars that’s a start

  12. To Stan’s wife and children; be courageous , keep the faith, and my God will see you through.

  13. 4.25 an hour is slavery. Those security company charge exorbitant amounts of money and dont pass that money down to the security officer. Shameful!

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