Thursday, August 18, 2022

Man Shot Dead In Castries – Suspect In Custody

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One man is dead following the latest incident of gun violence, this time at Faux A Chaud, Castries, police have confirmed.

And a suspect is currently in police custody.

Law enforcement officials identified the homicide victim as Solomon Joseph of Hospital Road, Castries.

According to reports, Joseph was standing by the road on Sunday morning when an assailant shot him several times.

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A medical practitioner pronounced him dead around 11:00 am.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Do not let your hearts be trouble and do not be afraid !
    “Now my heart is trouble,and what shall I say ? Father, save me from this hour ? No,it was for this reason I came for this hour.
    Jesus said, “This voice was for your benifit,not mine. Now is the time for Judgement on this world ;now the prince of the world will be driven out.
    But I, when the I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.” He said this is to show the kind of death he was going to die.
    I will not speak with you much longer, for the prince of the world is coming. ‼️He has no hold on me.
    But the world must learn that _
    I L❤️VE the father and that I do exactly what my father has commanded me.
    “Come now ;let us leave.

  2. Jesus is Coming
    Behold ❗
    I am coming soon ❗
    Blessed is he who worship God ❗”
    Who keeps the word of the Phrophecy of this book.
    ‼️Do not seal up the words of the Phrophecy of this book, beleive the time is near.
    Let him who does wrong continue to blaspheme the Holy One,and let him who is holy continue to be holy”.
    ‼️ Behold,I am coming soon and my reward is with me ⚖️

  3. The bible was used to keep the slaves docile and subservient, so it’s no surprise that black people everywhere are waiting around and praying to be saved. Meanwhile countries like India, China and Saudi Arabia don’t even believe in Jesus Christ and the Catholic/Christian God and yet their countries are doing great. The devil pass them by and instead decide to come to St. Lucia, I wonder why that is? So long as we have this backward thinking and blame everything on the devil things in St. Lucia will never improve.

  4. They cannot cover themselves with what they make . Their deeds are 😈evil deeds,and the act of violence are in their hands.
    Their feet 👣rush 🏃into sin ;they are swift to shed innocent blood.
    Their thoughts are 😈evil thoughts ;ruin and destruction 🔥mark their ways. The way of peace they do not know ; there is no ⚖️ justice in their paths.
    They have turned them into crooked roads ;no one who walks in them will know peace. So justice is far from us and righteousness does not reach us .
    We look for light (Jesus), but all is darkness ;
    for brightness, but we walk in deep shadows…….

  5. Sin, Confession and Redemption
    Surely the arm of God is not toooo short to save,nor his ear too dull to hear.
    But our iniquities have seperated us from our God ;our sins are hidden his face from us,so that he will not hear.
    For our hands are stained with blood,fingers with guilt.
    The breath of man that I have created,I was enraged by his sinful greed ;I punished Jim,and hid my face in anger,yet they keep on in their willful ways.
    I have seen his ways, but I will healed him ; I will guide him and restore comfort to him,creating praise on the lips of the mourners in St-Lucia
    Peace,peace,to those far and near,”
    says the LORD. “And I will heal them.”
    But the wicked are like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast off mire and mud.
    There is no peace,’ says my God for the wicked.
    “Shout it aloud,do not hold back.
    Raise your voice like a trumpet 📢.
    Declare to my people their rebellion and to the house of Jacob their sins…..

  6. As long as our youths continue to glorify the well known criminal figure heads who are out there in public, As long as we are afraid to confide in the broken, corrupt police force , As long as governments fail to address the real plights of the country and invest more time in unity than a blame game for the current social economic atmosphere on previous administrations, As long as its easier to get a gun than a job with an income that sustains living with the increased standard of living in this country…………….This perpetual cycle will not stop. Crime breeds crime, poverty breeds poverty. We are a nation of frustrated people, whether that frustration is as a result of our own doing, the current employment situation or failure on yellow or red market step promises. We are spiraling down hill fast……..We need to eradicate the crime hot spots in castries, police the non hot spots where the criminal bosses operate, hold governments accountable…

  7. Poverty and lack of education has existed in St. Lucia for decades. There were extremely poor people is St. Lucia when I was growing up. However, they got creative in their quest to provide for themselves and their families. Some sold legal items, planted, baked, sewed etc.

    However, this new generation wants to live by robbing, reaping where they did not sow, they want fancy cars, expensive phones. Some did not want to attend school by choice…don’t want to work because with their lack of education want $50 an hour give me a break.

    The end result of this unrealistic thought process is destruction and violence. In addition a lack of proper home training. The government can not be responsible for those who chose to live this lifestyle
    Their family members usually labelled them as good boys while partaking of their funds from robbery..a cursed generation going nowhere..smh

  8. Thanks very much ; VIBZ. You make a lot of sense. To every man his own. They are responsible for their actions or inactions.
    God gave each and every one of us a little voice placed deep within our being… this is our guidance. The rest is left to us. Let your

  9. Though many of you disagree with each other, in fact all the things mentioned in this forum are part of the big picture; no employment for young men when they leave school, social and economic factors; stop having babies with everyone you have a “relationship” with, and take responsibility for your children (mothers and fathers and wider community). Police inaction, or in some cases overreaction which sometimes has the same effect ie lack of trust by the community to report criminal activities, a lot of public servants are only concerned about serving themselves and not those they are paid to ‘serve’, general lack of ethics, AND a lack of spirituality. Let me be clear. Spirituality is not about God (black or white) or the devil as such, but is about being a decent human being, caring about our fellow humans (even if we don’t love them) caring about our communities, caring about our environment and the animals which inhabit it and just doing good. Being aware that we are all part of this universe (however it was created) and have a part to play in it. Respect each other, and respect ourselves. If humans looked beyond their own little worlds then we would all be in a better place. First of all though, good governance is critical at every level – no matter which Party is in power. Lucians are very judgmental, but not as quick on action. Praying all day is not going to help on its own, but nor is criticizing without doing something. A complex situation which requires people to look at themselves, and ask what they can do to contribute. Got enough time to be online and comment, then you’ve got enough time to actually do something no matter how small…

    • Crazy Situation deyah, true. But what me dont understand is, U can plant on this Island more good stuff that U can eat alone. If Impossible to pay this pricing at market, leave town and Go country to plant. Buy only Rice. Back to the roots, stay Out of Trouble. Guns Out.

    • Well articulated, we all are individually responsible in some way for the current situation in this beautiful country we inherited.
      That is our individual failure to call a spade a spade regardless our political affiliation and whether the guilty is our family, friend or foe. Has lead us down this destructive path by the few minority within society that is hell bent on criminality.
      It is always easy to blame others but if everyone of us that includes our politicians on both sides of the divide reflect seriously and stepback from our own self righteousness and think of ways we can change things and act we can arrest this downward spiral into the pits of hell.

  10. Wow man, I didn’t know so many St Lucians are so unspiritual attacking the one person @Concern cause they spoke about payment to the Devil regarding the high crime in St Lucia. Like somebody said when you on your death bed you can’t call on economy or government or our nobel laureates to save you, you leave this earth with nothing and turn back to dust. Get a relationship with God now before it is too late, start by reading the bible it helps.

  11. As a little boy in short pants & T-shirt kicking a ball with my pals in the streets before 6:30 when I would be called to the back yard stand pipe for a last shower before going to bed. The war started, no work for parents but somehow, I still can’t figure out how folks survived. Castries burned down in 1948 and a second chunk I think in 1953. During the War years there was a bit of activity in V/Fort and Castries for a while. It wasn’t till after the Castries reconstruction that a bit of work started. Up to that period there were no such brake in far from what we see today. Drugs was not known, no gangs, no T.V. or any of the modern gadgets of today. The under privileged or some of them would do anything to have what you have. The killing I don’t understand…@ 2Real, your lacking of understanding of a spiritual world shows; Jesus is not a white Jesus as Europeans would like us to think. The Spirit made flesh came for one purpose – try to find out why – @ VIBZ I agree with a lot you said, the lack of empathy ( some are like the Cloud that floats around) greed and bad company. A lot of you reasons kile poverty etc. we had that long ago but no such crime. Don’t blame the devil for everything but don’t wink, he is there. Find a good place of worship/pray daily.

  12. @ Concerned pad chew ou what devil? All the money that has been siphoned from st Lucia and none of those young children could find gainful employment is the issue. You guys come on here and talk about god and the devil nearly repeating what you hear in the bars and the streets because you too fuccing lazy to read and know how things work this is the country that 2 of the world smartest ppl came out of Lewis and mr Walcott but you ppl same them with your Sunday morning logic you have nothing to contribute worth anything besides god and the devil keep it to yourself your slave and slave master ideology is not wanted and it was poorly conceived then thank you respect my ppl enough to come correct.

    • @perry mason wait till you on your dying bed…who you ah gonna call??? lewis and walcott??? dead n gone….you ppl amaze me!!!

  13. Weak police. They have no concern for policing or protecting life. Only extorting money and getting laid. Police commissioner is the prince of papicho. When criminals see weak resistance to their crimes, it’s like a license to kill.

  14. Backward Lucians always talking about the devil. This crime wave is not spiritual, it’s economical and social. We live in a country with no economic prospects and too many single mothers and broken homes, producing broken boys and broken men. But it’s easier to preach all this spiritual Mumbo jumbo than look in the mirror or look at your family and friends and take responsibility. But maybe I’m wrong and if we pray hard enough white Jesus to come down and save us.

    • @2real and @odd…..too many of your are denying the existence of ur creator and giving the devil this praise thats why we are in this mess today…the very same bible that revealed all these social and economic problems and more should be no surprise to you….too much faith in police and govt that have you all in mumbo jumbo today……this world whether you like it or not we are just dust while soon to pass……prepare to meet thy God….you came with nothing you shall leave with nothing….

  15. Now its Faux-A-Chaux and so it goes round and round and round, where/when its gonna end its any ones guess. There is definitely a Spirit of death, any time any place any cause or reason, you either pay back or pay with your life – life to them is cheap, just a few bullets, you’re gone. On a Sunday morning, on the day of the Lord, the Sanctity is left to whoever who recognizes it and should I say St. Lucia has turned its back on God. ‘Godlessness = Lawlessness’ it is time for the Preachers of all denominations come down from the Pulpit, spread around the Community, the street corners preach and speak to the people, preach love call on Jesus sing songs of deliverance, sing Praises, love love love not death death death, bang bang bang, not on a Sunday, respect the Lords’ day: Amen.

  16. And you telling me St. Lucia is not suffering from a payment the devil is looking for..To whom it may concern we the people of St. Lucia wants to enjoy our country without any fear..We the people of ST lucia needs peace in our country..we the people of ST lucia want our family and friends want to visit St. Lucia national security no commissioner of police What is going on in our sweet Helen

    • @Concerned

      The devil has not done anything to anyone. People do bad things on their own volition. Let them take ownership for their actions.

      When this murderer is taken to court can his defence be “the devil made me do it” and be exonerated?

      Poverty, corruption, dysfunctional homes, delinquent parents, political division, selfishness, greed, lack of empathy, all these have made the country what it is today.

      • @Vibz. You are fighting a tremendous uphill struggle. The way it looks, the devil seems to be spending all his free time on the island. Chastenet loses the elections-boom! Blame the devil. A car with serious maintenance issues kills its driver-presto! Blame the devil. A person who didn’t give a crap about his health dies-poof! Blame the devil. A young guy, whose immature mother never corrected his bad habits succumbs to bulllets-bam! Blame the devil

        The devil seems to be having so much fun on the island. One minute he laying out on the beach, a second later he is at a cockfight. I wish some people would just grow up.

      • The Devil hqve Nothing to do with thede Targetted Homicides .The Guys have more Intellegence than the Police as to execute their Homicides and Remember no Eye witnesses no Arrest .I wonder what Mary Francis will say to the Decease Famalies

  17. Why different schools always get things, but I have never heard that the fond st Jacques school received any things why??


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