Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Man Shot Dead In Castries

A man was shot dead on Broglie Street, Castries, Thursday afternoon, a senior police official has confirmed.

The shooting occurred about 1.00 PM, according to reports.

Details are sketchy, but initial reports suggest that the victim was shot by an assailant as he walked along the street in the company of his brother.

He died on the spot.

An individual on the scene told St Lucia Times that the deceased, identified as ‘Chad’, lived in Marchand.




  1. Hmm Broglie street,he lived Marchand,so I’m guessing we need to focus on the surrounding areas…1 pm,lots of witnesses and maybe businesses have cameras as well…I’m guessing he (probably) couldn’t have been shot in the front because if he knew the suspect he’d have (probably) ran away…The brother is key to this case as well as any potential witnesses.We need to solve this especially as it was near a school & in the capital as well.

    Discovery ID 🙂

  2. That is the safety Chastanet promised us. Kenny could not do it, that is to finish the locals to put foreigners, now he doing it. I hope the Micoud people are learning the lesson.

      • Mathilda and Don, when Chastanet was all about the place blaming crime on the last administration, you hypocritically accepted it. Now you want the politics out of it. You hypocrites!! That type of hypocrisy makes you Don, the jackass. Shame

  3. All u people just home or where ever waiting for a killing so that u’ll can blame Chastnet one day u’ll go stop when the killing comes to ull house keep wishing and hoping for more killing to talk [email protected]

  4. Mathilda, you seem to have forgotten Chastanet promised the nation safety, he said Kenny could not do it. It is not politics, he just have to keep his promise or apologize to us that this was just a lie.

    • Crime can ever stop fool?kenny cha no matter all does say it..hate them slp supporters not had to recognize them smh

  5. I really hate when people blame the prime minister or any current government in power for what’s happening on the Streets. Not even the larger countries like America a safe so you don’t have a point here.I Think what needs to be done is educating people like you to see that the problem is the people and not the government. The only crime can decrease is by the citizens themselves noticing their wrongful behavior and agreeing to put an end to it.

  6. There is a easy way to fix this problem in the island. The island too small for this. Ths if the government willing to hear.

  7. There is nothing the men of power or police can do to stop crime guys dont get up and say today am killing when sleep crap going on. What u live by u die by

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