Man Shot Dead In Choiseul

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Police are investigating a fatal shooting in Choiseul on Thursday morning around 11:30.

Law enforcement officials have identified the deceased as Allen Victor and said he sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators are hunting for a suspect whom they believe the deceased knew.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Freemason, you keep campaigning for a minimum wage.could you tell us what you are proposing so we can see if you are making sense. Is it $40 an hour. or $100 or $200?

  2. If the system Enact a livable wage the youtes would be happy to take the odd jobs that don’t pay much, and take you nowhere in life… It is the system that is causing all the crime… A dirty stinking babylon system the keeps 80 percent of private sector workers in chains of poverty..

  3. Really? Your’ll relying on the police to stop the crime after it happen. Now your’ll sounding really scared now. With St Lucians lackluster attitudes don’t expect things to get better not to mention the deceitful current administration SLP promotong their greedy needs first and not the people

  4. The time you all investigation voice not, investigate the real crime. By the way, did the Police hear Miguel’s voice note.

  5. didn’t they said they were perturb, disturb and outright condone a particular voice mail on social media? Are they sill at KFC? come on foolice do your work regardless if your family is involved

  6. Oh, Noooooo. Let this be the last and final one for the year.
    Too much bloodshed.

    Should this continue our utopia St Lucia will be obliterated

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